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Spending Money and Currency

edited February 2012 in - Turkey
My wife and I are going 2 weeks all inclusive to the Hotel Side Prenses in Antalya in April this year. Any comments on the hotel / area? We asked Thomson's for a chill out quiet place where we could walk to explore.

Regarding cash, having read through a few similar topics it seems best to take a little lira and the rest in sterling. For the 2 weeks I thought about taking £100 in turkish lira and £200 in sterling notes. We don't intend to spend a great deal, maybe a couple of excurtions and a turkish bath or two. Any comments would be appreciated, thanks.



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    Hi ?an

    ? don't know the hotel but Side is beautiful and ideal for a chilled out holiday.

    Although you are staying all ?nclusive and don't intend spending much ? think you may need a little more money. The amount you plan to bring in Lira is about right but for 2 weeks you may need more.

    Do shop around in town for your excursions as they are cheaper booked locally than with your travel rep. Bear in ming that when you are on an excusion you will need to buy food and drinks. Sometimes lunch is included. Also depeneding on the trip prices can vary from 20 Euro upwards per person. Some of the tra
  • Hi Clarecg, thanks for the reply, yes I thought I would need bit more for 2 weeks, I'm going up to £150 in lira and £450 cash. I hear that Gold jewelery is very cheap ? Where is the best and safest place to change sterling to Lira, just find any local bank ?

    Thanks again

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    Sorry to jump on here but I cant seem to register to start a new topic. I am also going to Side in July. But self catering. I have been reading up recently and have been put off by comments from people saying that the brits get treated badly and ripped off. That the local shops restaurants etc are only happy to accept the Euro for payment...We were looking to change our GBP to lira now while rate is quite high...

    So I am asking Clare if I am worried for no reason? I have been to Marmaris about 5 times but wanted to try somewhere else.

    Also read about exchanging our GBP whilst in Turkey. Are we likely to get a better rate than 2.70 which is what its been hovering around in the uk recently?
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    Sorry for the delay but I have workmen digging up my road who are cutting off useful things like internet and electricity with monotonous regularity!!!

    I visit Side itself regularly and always pay in lira in restaurants, bars etc without any problem. Sorry I can't comment on hotels though and it seems to be the big AI complexes that are getting the bad press. As you are self catering you will be spending in supermarkets rather than 'on-site' shops. At the moment the exchange rate is around 2.8.

    I have never benn ripped off there either. Mark as you have visited Turkey before ?'m sure you'll be fne.
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