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Working Holiday Visa for my Mexican girlfriend

edited February 2012 in - Canada
Hi, I'm Canadian and I want my Mexican gf to visit me in Canada to work and travel. We've known each other for close to a year and have been together in person for about 3 months. She's never asked me to $ or support. She's in the middle of her college education and is trying to save up money to come here herself. I've traveled for a few years so I know the typical scams girls do and I just want to say that she is not one of them.

It is I who's decided to offer her some support after a few months of being away. One of the requirements for a working holiday VISA is to have 2500$CAD in her account. She only recently opened a personal account and placed her savings into it of about 1000$. What is the best way for me to offer support for the other 1500$ ?

I don't think it's a good idea to send it through WU or bank wire, apart from the financial risk, simply because immigration might have a problem seeing an unexplained 'big' deposit from a girl with low means. I am considering writing a letter to sponsor her financially until she finds work here. If i do write the letter, should it be as a moral obligation or should I offer proof? How much $ should I have in my own bank account if I want to or should show proof - is it 5000$? 10000$?

Thank you !!!


  • Hi Soranz,

    Have you tried western union? I used it a couple of time when my family had to send me money from Mexico to the Netherlands, apparently my mexican visa card didn't work

    Best wishes,
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