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Travel to Rotterdam by Ferry/Ship from Hamburg?


I am intersted to travel from Hamburg to Rotterdam direct by sea. Either ferry or a short cruise. We have no auto to take with us. Just my senior citizen mom and I. Please share an internet URL address for any helpful website.

The ultimate goal is to arrive to Rotterdam a day or so in advance of our cruise sailing out of Rotterdam Europort, on May 31, 2009.

If you know of an airline with direct service from Hamburg to Rotterdam? That would also be an opton. However, I am told only charter jets go there these days. We are simply trying to avoid flying into Amsterdam - too far. (No, I don't want to take the train services as there are too many pick pockets. We are all sitting ducks - read at for crime feedback on the relentless Amsterdam pickpockets - on the trains, in the stations, onthe buses, in the airport - there is no safety in numbers either. We prever to bypass the place and go straight to Rotterdam - there may be a similar issue, but we're at least arriving more direct per my request).

Many thanks in advance!
your fellow world traveler,


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    i once took the POLISH OCEAN LINE ( POL) from HAMBURG TO BRASIL , en route they stopped in Rotterdam. Perhaps you can explore the option of booking a cabin for that short leg rather than the long journey to South America.
    good luck
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