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Tunisia holiday: Advice please :)

edited February 2012 in - Tunisia
Hi, just wondering if someone could give me some advice, we are going on holiday to Tunisia 1st July to 12th July this year were going to Sousse Hotel Marhaba! I will be taking my 3 year old son and 10 month old baby can anyone tell me if il be able to buy baby jars/formula milk there? And what kind of temperatures are we looking at through the day and at night? Any help will be much appreciated :)


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    Kayleigh, yes you can buy baby food and formula at any of the supermarkets in Sousse. The temperatures during the day can become very hot - between mid 30c to low 40c so you need to stay out of the sun with your little ones. Drops during the night to the mid to high 20s with a sea breeze but can stay quite hot and clammy.
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