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Turkey travel: topkapi palace lara beach currency,weather,etc

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i will be travelling to lara beach antalya 12 may with my partner and 2 children 10 and 12 staying at wow topkapi palce ai. can anyone please tell me what currency to take lira or euro or gbp also what will the weather be like in the days and also the nights for me to pack accordingly! we are staying for two weeks and would like to do some local tour,turkish bath maybe that sort of stuff can anyone recomend who to book with or should i do it with the travel rep?.one more thing has anyone ever been to this hotel as i have heard a few nightmare storys on trip advisor and am starting too worry i have made a mistake!
regards and thanks in advance for any help.


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    You can contact a local company on [email protected]
    They arrange tours around Antalya.
  • I suggest to help with a local tour company, regarding a good arrangement of your tour. They can arrange your tour according to your reliability.
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    Hi Leanneash

    First of all you haven't made a mistake! May is a beautiful time of year to visit. Everywhere is lovely and fresh, the flowers are all beginning to bloom and it's not too blooming hot.

    Remember as well that most people won't write a review if they have a good holiday. ? have had a quick scan of the reviews and the bad reviews seem to be from people visiting in winter. Yes some of the 'facilities' or services may be reduced in winter. You aren't staying here in the winter :o) Others complain about the lack of English food - well here is Turkey!! One actually suggested there was roast pork - pork is not something found in Turkey with Turkey being mainly Muslim. One did mention a 'dirty' room on arrival - if that's the case tell the receptionist and insist it' cleaned. Turkey is a very clean country and ? wonder if this was probably an isolated incident, perhaps maybe the previous occupants didn't check out until late.... On the whole the bad reviews were niggles rather than major worries.

    The weather should be very good although this year has seen some strange weather here. Pack summer clothes for the day time but bring maybe a pair of long trousers and a cardigan or similar for the evenings.

    Don't book trips with your travel rep - up to 50% more expensive than booking locally. Most tours though are the same prices locally and sometimes when you book with one of the local shops they offer a free Turkish Bath.

    Bring some lira for the first few days - about 100GBP should be plenty and then bring the rest in GBP to exchange locally - don't change to Euro but if you have any Euro from previous holidays bring it along as well. Don't exchange at your hotel though as they offer a poor rate use either the change offices or if you see the Post Office (P.T.T.) - look out for a yellow and blue sign. ?f you use a change office be sure to ask for a receipt and have a good idea of what you should get - ? usually exchanged 'round' figers e.g. 100GBP to make the maths easier!! There are also plenty of ATMs but you UK bank may well charge for drawing money abroad. ?f you do bring cash have a safe at the hotel - a good place to keep return tickets, passports etc as well.

    WOW are very well respected and as a chain of hotels are excellent. ? travelled back to Turkey yesterday and met a couple on the plane visiting Topkapi Palace for the 5th time so ? am sure it can't be that bad!!

    The Turkish are very friendly and will go out their way to help you especially if you smile and are pleasant to them.

    As ? said at the beginning you have chosen a lovely time of year. Summer is starting but places are not heaving as in the main months of July and August.

    Also it is worth remembering that the staff are not on huge wages and in All Inclusive lose out on tips - many people forget to tip good service as they would if paying a bill. A small tip is always appreciated but they cannot exchange English coins here. ? often get friends asking me to swap a handful of English coins for lira!!! So if you do have reason to tip please do so in lira.

    Please relax and look forward to enjoying yourselves. Just remember some people are only happy if they can find something to complain about!
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    ? suggest you change a little to Lira before travelling then bring the rest to exchange here as the rate is always better. ? have seen posts saying places only accept Euro but ? believe that is for extras in All inclusive hotels - Side is in Turkey and the currence is Lira here!!!
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    I am going to Antalaya for Christmas and New Year. anyone any idea of the weather to expect and clothing to take with me.
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    Weather is very unpredictable in winter.

    If you check out weather underground ( you can get a historical record as well. Average daytime temperatures are between 15 and 20degC and often it is sunny but there is a chance of rain as well!

    But last year (and the year before) we went for a walk along the beach on Christmas Day- we were in fleeces but there were people sunbathing and one or 2 brave (or crazy) souls swimming in the sea. So I guess a lot is relative.

    You will certainly need jeans and a fleece or similar if you are out and about in the evenings.

    Lots to see and do though whatever the weather :o)
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