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Riga, Brilliant Club, fraud

edited February 2012 in - Eastern Europe
During a couple of hours 11. feb 2012 my account was emtied for about 3500 EUR in four transaction (several more was tried) from a transaction named "Brilliant-Nakts klubs". I used Internet to find that this must be the "Gentlemans club" called Brilliant club. They use helpers at pubs etc in Riga to get in contact with objects they can bring in a condition with alcohole/drugs to get hold on/info about your creditcard.
Be aware of fiendly people in this town; moste of them only want to get to your money. Do you want to party; go somewhere else.

Regards from a person who never come back.


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    Nordmenn p
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    Interesting transactioninfo received from my bank:

    From card: 4925055001453941
    All in local valuta.

    2012-02-11 02:05:10 250,00 LV Acceptet transaction
    2012-02-11 02:54:25 1075,70 LV Accepted transaction
    2012-02-11 03:27:44 795,80 LV Accepted transaction
    2012-02-11 04:08:16 772,80 LV Not accepted transaction (not enough at account)
    2012-02-11 04:09:41 700,00 LV Not accepted transaction (not enough at account)
    2012-02-11 04:10:18 600,00 LV Accepted transaction
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    Planned to spend two days in Riga - went to strip club, got drunk and they robbed me of passport and $8000 from credit card - avoid this city if you want to party.
    Took me 5 days to leave because I was without Canadian Visa.
    I went to the police and they basically lectured me and told me drinking was a "sin" - I'll never return.

    andrey Canada
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    Dear Sir,
    I just added your comment to our feature about scams in Riga to our website for Riga In Your Pocket. Although I've heard of all kinds of scams over the years this one seems new and unlike others rather easy to find the criminals behind it. We have already spoken to the police and if someone has indeed charged money to your credit card for supposed services received at a club that you've never visited then it's possible to start a criminal investigation into the club. 3500 euro is a large enough sum of money in Latvia that it is considered a class 1 fraud which means that the people involved would receive real jail time if convicted. If you're interested in pursuing this let me know and I'll let you know what is required.
    I will also contact the American embassy to have them add Brilliant Club to their black list and I will also talk to the owners of Donegan's to let them know that they have people running a scam from their bar. Perhaps you could tell me what they looked like so I could describe them to the staff at Donegan's and let them know that they should be barred from the premises.
    If you have any questions please let me know.
    I'm sorry that this happened to you and Riga In Your Pocket would like to help in any way we can to get the bastards that ruined your holiday.
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    @Ponzo - welcome to the site and thank you for your comments. I used your guide when I visited Riga and was hugely impressed with it. Great work.
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    i like this club,was manny thimes there
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    Guest seems to be a representative of that club) be careful of scam in Riga, it is common occurrence, especially on Kalķu iela (main Old Town street). Beware of too garish places, especially if you are follow there by nice looking girl you met on a street or in a bar. If you don't feel the limits in drinking you should better to have a guide in your bar crawl or find some local to lead you around. Or the other option (and it's basicly the best) is to withdraw some lats and pay by cash. Some more information you can get in Hostel or Hotel you are staying at. 

    Be careful and have a nice trip!
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