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Visa processing

Hi, Expert just recently apply a visa for Netherlands and few days after I'm resign from my work place because the company is no longer running. So I take the offer of my new job but I also got their permission to take a vacations after the first month of work because I'm applying the visa already, but then today I got a cal from the netherlands embassy for some recheck and they call my old company. My generals agent said the company is no longer exist and I just have my copy of passport and signature only for reference. My question of concern is will it be a proble for my process visa if the embassy find out about te company that I work with before is no longer exist? Please help me, it's been going on my nerves all day to know about this. Thanks expert, looking forward for your answer...


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    If your company no longer exists, do you have contact details for your former supervisor or someone that can give you a reference?
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    Yes I do have it
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    More important may be evidence on paper: work contract, salary payslips, annual statements, tax returns, etc. If you have these, it may be better to call the embassy, explain the situation, and offer them as proof of your previous employment. Maybe even more important is the contract of the new company you now work for.
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