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Australian Visa (ETA)

edited February 2012 in - Australia
Hi, my husband and I headed to Australia next year around this time to see the Melbourne Open. Do I need to get my ETA, or Australian Visa, now? When is the best time to get it?

Thanks in advance,



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    Hi Susan !!
    Melbourne is busiest in summer and winter. The Australian Open is last two weeks of January, and the Australian Formula One Grand Prix is held in early March. From the end of March through April, you can catch the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and the Melbourne International Film Festival is mid-July into August.The Melbourne Fringe Festival takes place in the first three weeks in October, and the Melbourne Cup on the first Tuesday in November. October through March is cricket season, and winter skiing is just a three-hour drive from the city. you amy visit to book cheap flights to Melbourne from London here
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    Hi Susan,

    So, you can obtain an Australian Visa, or ETA, anytime before you leave, so long as you apply while outside of Australia. Visas are valid for 12 months form the date they are issued so you can really apply anytime. Your visa must be valid the day you enter Australia so you may want to wait a few weeks, depending on when exactly you plan on entering the country early next year.

    At EasyETA, we usually advise people to make sure and apply at least 48 hours in advance before you plan on leaving for the country to avoid any issues. Sometimes an Australian Visa will take extra processing time and sometimes people are not approved, so applying even a couple of weeks or a few months before your departure is also a great option. For all the readers of this forum who may have more questions regarding Australian Visas, head over to EasyETA's Australian Visa Information page.

    Hope this helps and have a great time on your trip!
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