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Tips for travelling Europe at eighteen years old?

edited February 2012 in Europe
A few close friends and myself are all over eighteen and saving to travel Europe for around three months of 2013. We were wondering if anyone with knowledge of Europe or travelling would have an ideal way of going about it, would be greatly appreciated :).

I had an idea that we could rent an apartment for one month in Paris and then catch the train to surrounding countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden and backpack or stay in hostels for a few nights while in that country and then come back and stay in the apartment.

I then thought we could stay in Greece, do a few more short trips to Italy, visit Santorini and see Romania, Turkey or Macedonia. I don't really have much knowledge on what to see when we're there because it's just basic iconic places.

After that we wanted to stay in England for one month and backpack around Ireland, visit Stonehenge, visit little places along the way in the UK.

This is all a very rough idea, any insight would be fantastic. Thank-you so much.
Also, any hot spots you think are worth visiting feel free to mention that also.


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    If you are from USA, then you need to be prepared for the high cost of everything in Europe. One week in Paris would run you about $2000 for the 4 of you, if you get lucky. So it appears you need to plan on doing this more affordably. A summer-time airfare from NYC is going to set you back $1500 each. It is better to ask your travel agent.
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