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Where to go in Which season..?

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Hello Friends..

I m in big trouble..that..i want to go for a world tour and i wish to know the main places where to go and where to start and to where it should be complete, i am living in London and i want to know all the destinations places according to their best season..that which season is comfortable for which place..i have to complete this world tour in 2 months and i will start my world tour in Month of May, in which i want to cover all the most important tourist destinations in world like from Australia, Asia, South Africa, Usa, Europe etc..some major places to be visit in world tour. Does anybody have any ideas about which place is good to go according to season, please share your idea with me..all ideas and advices would be appreciated..awaiting for your speedy reply..

Thanks and Regards Friends


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    That's a very big question! Generally, the weather in May and June is better in the Northern Hemisphere. There won't be a huge difference in season from the start of your trip to the end, but I would advise going to South Africa in May rather than June, as by the end of June it is approaching the cold and rainy season in places like Cape Town.
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    Hi Annie - you should have a look at this site:
    Visit for destination advice
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    try Kenya with safe ride tours and safaris you wont re-grate am sure. view this:
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    Uganda is a stunningly rich and fertile country offering extensive savannah plains and dense rainforest as well as big cats and mountain gorillas. It is a great place to visit year round but the wettest months of April, May and October, November, may make some plans slightly trickier.

    Browse for more information about this beautiful country.
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    why dont you try to come in Paxos, Greece. Its a magical place like a small paradise.

    Also, there are other small islands close to Paxos, where you can rent your own small boat and go to Antipaxos for your daily swim a to make some small explorations

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    For world tour you can get options for worldwide destinations provided by Dear flight. There are list of continents countries and their destinations. To make tour yourself save money for more..
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