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Tunisia vaccinations

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I really need some good advice, I have got really stressed over the situation I am just now, we are due to got to Tunisia in July, ww will have a 3 year old and a 10 month baby. I phoned the health clinic about vaccinations for both kids and it's turned out that both of them can't get typhoid injection and baby can't get hep c??? What should I do the holiday is all paid for but will my kids be okay???


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    Kayleigh - you do not need any vaccinations to enter Tunisia. We do not have any notifiable diseases here. We drink bottled water and our food is fresh and clean. the most annoying things are the mosquito and flies. However, it will be entirely your decision whether to travel with children anywhere in the world without vaccinations.
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    Ok that's great I spoke to the travel clinic and he has convinced me my baby will be safe, also could u tell me if there is a supermarket or anywhere close to sousse (marhaba hotel) that I can get baby jars from? Or should I bring my own?
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    Kayleigh - Sousse is quite a large city with many, many supermarkets and yes they do sell baby food in jars/packets etc. Don't worry to bring your own, you will find everything in Sousse.
  • Is there a peak time for mosquitos in sousse im going in the first two weeks of june..?
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    I have have been to Tunisia in the winter and the summer and have never been bothered by mosquitoes. In fact I don't remember ever seeing one and I have traveled extensively not just sat in my all inclusive hotel

    The Tunisian government have an insecticide programme which is used to exterminate mosquitoes.

    If you are concerned take a plug in repellent or buy a repellent from a local pharmacy called Mousitcalm and if you are bit you can buy Parfederm locally and it works very well.
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