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Morocco 4 days desert tours depart from Marrakech

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We are traveling to Marrakech next few weeks , and we are interested in a 3 or 4 days desert trip departue from Marrakech to merzouga desert.
we seached on google and we get this itinerary with
Day 1: Marrakech - dades valley
Day 2: Dades valley - Merzouga desert
Day 3: Merzouga - Marrakech

My quiestions are :
How cold is the atlas mountains in February ?
3 days is enough to discover the sahara desert and the berber villages ?
The last day (Marrakech - Merzouga) for how many kms we have to drive ??

Thank you for your help



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    Tour operators answering this question should note that posts containing advertisements or links to their website will be deleted, unless they also provide useful information related to the questions posted above.
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    We are planning to return to Marrakech later this year (we were there in 2008) and hope to do a 3 or 4 day trip into the desert at that time.
    We would be very interested to receive any advice too and thank johnpedro for starting this thread.
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    Wait until you arrive and check in the hotel lobby on what tours are offered. These may not be suitable as they are mainly day trips so arrange to see the tour rep for the company offering these.
    If you are in a riad then ask the owner to arrange a visit by a tour operator.
    To save cash, go into Gueliz district which is just outside the medina and ask in the many tour opertaor "shops" which are concentrated in this area.
    If you don't know where Gueliz is, get in touch and I will send a map... [email protected]
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    Thank you for your reply John.
    We know Gueliz well from our last visit (we dined at a couple of restaurants there).
    I should let you know that we are quite experienced independent travellers. When we were in Tunisia in 2009 we sorted out our own three night trip into the Sahara once we had got there rather than in advance or via the Travel Company and this is what we would like to do when we return to Marrakech. We did the same in 2010 with a three day yacht trip in Turkey. This would appear to be what you are advising.
    Do you have the names of any Tour Organisers that we could research before we leave? It would save us a lot of time and wandering around on our first day if you could. Also, given that we will be there in October / November, will the Tour Organisers still be operating then.
    We look forward to your reply and thank you again.
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    I cannot recommend any tour operators on this forum.
    I can, however, send you names of some of the operators in Marrakech if you contact me at my e-mail (given above).
    Many do not bother to reply if contacted by e-mail or fax. If telephoning them, they may only speak French and Arabic or only the latter so be prepared. Best bet as always is meet face to face when there.
    On the subject of payment, some operators will quote in €, this is simply to assist the many visitors who use this as their currency when at home.
    You are not bliged to pay in € and in the majority of cases you should only pay in local currency, the Dirham, which no-one can refuse to accept.
    I would advise not paying by credit card where payment is requested by e-mail.
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