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Refused to Fly Back Home

edited March 2012 in - Canada
Hello everyone!

I could not believe what I heard today at Pearson Int Airport, Toronto:
After 6 month of traveling throughout Canada and the States, I was about to fly back home to Germany. I'm a German citizen. My flight was from Toronto, with a stopover at JFK Airport, NY, to Duesseldorf in Germany. When I tried to check-in, the airline woman told me that the States refuse me to enter their country. I would have to go to the Embassy for further information.
I was shocked. I could have never imagined that such thing could happen. I mean it is only a stopover and I'm about to fly all the way to Germany.
The reason for my refusal I assume, is that I had overstayed my last visit in the United States by one week. I actually tried to re-enter the States a few weeks ago and they didn't let me in. Having Canada, not counting to get another stay of 90 days in the States under the VisaWaiverProgram just by entering and leaving, on one hand, and on the other, my overstay of one week. So they refused to let me in again plus excluded me from the WVP for future visits.
So I knew I could not come back to the States, but like I said, I could not have imagined that they are going to give me troubles when I actually try to go home.

My question right now is, does anybody had experienced a situation like this or something similar?

The thing is, the Embassy is closed over the weekend, so I'm able to solve the problem not until Monday, and I was able to rebook my flight for Tuesday.
Do you think they are going to be able to solve the problem within one day? I am really hoping so. I really want to go back home.
Is there any possibility to contact the Embassy in advance or to get instructions how to deal with my situation? Will I be able to just go to the Embassy and get assistance right away?

Any advice, comments, opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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