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Caribbean World Resort, Borj Cedria

edited March 2012 in - Tunisia
Hi, myself, wife, my 15 year old daughter and 13 year old son will be travelling to Tunisia in July. We have taken a chance and booked Caribbean word resort, Borg Cedria. We are very open minded towards the mixed reviews but would be grateful if someone could clear up our concerns. Our main concern was whether tap water was used in the resort restaurants as stated in some reviews. If so is bottled water available and how much? There’s also a waterpark on the resort and we would be grateful if anyone can give us some idea as to whether it is included in our all-inclusive or if it is extra. If so what is the approx. cost? Are men required to wear shirts and long trousers in the evening at resort restaurants?
We’re also interested in camel rides. Does anyone know if these are available and approx. cost? We normally holiday in Turkey but this year decided a change. Is the temperature similar to Turkey? Also what is shopping like in Tunisia? Will my children be able to get their Hollister and Abercombe there?
I would be grateful for any comments.


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    nodnyl - The Carribean is a very popular hotel for families. I am always a little wary of hotel reviews, but if you understand that our star rating system is not the European based and that a 5* here is very likely a 3 1/2 or 4 * elsewhere then you can make a better judgement. Some of the hotels have become tired and that is simply because there was no money to renew or renovate. This is starting to happen now but our economy is not great after the revolution. I am sure you will enjoy it there. I can't tell you about charges for the water park but if you ask or call the hotel they will inform you.

    Of course if you ask for tap water it will be given to you. In general the tap water is drinkable throughout Tunisia but mostly it doesn't taste that good and we all use bottled water which is around 400 to 700 millimes for a 1 litre. I'm not sure where you are from but in GBP this would be about 25p.

    In the resort you can wear what you like it's not a problem. Camel rides are available on the beaches but you can barter with the camel owner as to how much this costs. It also depends on the length of time you want. But it will be cheap of that I can assure you.

    The temperatures in July are hot - very hot! Some days can exceed 40c so be prepared with lots of sunscreen. The shopping in Tunisia is cheap and wonderful especially in the souqs, however I don't know what Hollister and Abercombe are??

    I hope you enjoy your vacation with us.
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