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Feedback on Egypt tour companies

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Hi - Has anyone heard of or more importantly taken a tour in Egypt with this travel company?
I'm interested in taking a tour with them but can not find any reviews
about them.


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    Hey there - I have searched high and low and there are no reviews of this operator. That either means they are very small or very new. I'll keep my eyes peeled for any info. What is it that draws you to Ramses?
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    Hi, I did a tour with them last year. In fact I did two, the first was to St.Catherines, the second to Cairo. My experience was that much of the time was taken up with waffling about, as well as being dropped off at "friends" shops in the hopes that we would buy something. After my trip with them to St.Catherines, When I arrived in Cairo and went to the pyramides our guide was adamant (to the point of getting angry) that the pyramides were built from the top down!Eventually I just asked to go off on my own and meet back at the airport. I would take what their 'guides' say with a grain of salt though if you can accept it as all part of the egyptian way then you will be fine. I've nothing overly negative to say as we travelled safely and as far as organisation exists in Egypt it was fine, but then I have nothing effusivly positive to say about the level of knowlege or value for money.
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    Great feedback, rain! I wonder if anyone has experienced a tour where there WASN'T a stopover at the uncle's shop or similar! I guess some people buy stuff, but it really continues to reinforce the dodgy reputation these tour operators have. I think your attitude of just taking it all in your stride as part of the Egypt experience is pretty healthy.
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    Hi everybody,

    I am planning a vacation in Egypt with the same company and the package price seems very fair. What I would like to know is if the hotel you stayed in was good and what were the names of the hotels in Cairo, Luxor and Sharm El Sheikh?
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    I just came back with a small group from Egypt. I am a US travel agent who takes groups through Egypt. I work with professional guides, some of th ebest in the country who are Egyptologists and speak fluent English. Yes all of them will take you to a shop as this is part of life there and it will protect you of buying stuff that is not quality . It also will help in case you have problems with th eitem as these shops do not need any negative feed back. We stop normally in one shop in Cairo and a Papyrus shop in Cairo as well as the perfume oil co in Luxor. I have found that the quality is much better than the Khan el Khalili Bazaar! You have to be careful though who you book through and who their guides are. As I was a guide in Europe for several years I am very particular who I take as a guide and I will not book with anyone unless I have good references. Best is always to book through an experience agent here in the US or Canada and not just take flowery websites from local Egyptian Companies.
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    Hi! My company is planning for a trip to Egypt from Jan 1 to 4. There will be 4 persons. We are now in Djibouti, East Africa and will take a flight from here. It's a bit rushy as time is limited to cover as many places as possible. Well, I am looking for Egyptian local tours n travel packages there to include hotel, airport transfer, tour arrangement n etc. Are there any good operators to reccommend? It seems like it's difficult to find in the web. I want a reliable one. Anybody who has past experiences please do tell. I'm not sure about the budget for this package. Is USD300-500 enough? In need of help here. Oh, I'm a Malaysian.
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    Is it safe to go to Egypt now considering that there is a war between Israel and Palestine? Will the war affect the tourism of Egypt?

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    Gate 1 travel. We are booked for April but my boyfriend's brother has used them many times, including on his most recent trip to Egypt. He is a well educated, successful man and he highly recommends them. We shall see in April!
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    We booked tour with Egyptrays tour company and they were terrific,prices are cheap and affordable than any other company,guides were great also and very knowledgeable.
    Egypt is safe country but i think you have to be very careful about your money!
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    hi tony i have been 02 times at Egypt however the last time i paid about 900$ but it was worth i go to Sharm elshik and climb the mountian and have snorkling tour , i highly recommnded sharm elsik my tour operator was champion tours they was friendly to me and have good pirces .
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    Hello Guest
    Egypt Is A Safe Country & We Give Or Guests The Best and We Recommend To Come To Egypt Any Time You Will Meet By Smile and Care

    See You Soon In Egypt, Also You Can Contact Me Any Time

    Best Of Luck
    Mona Shawky
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    Hi guys,
    You can contact me any time to arrange you any tour here in Cairo or any where else here in Egypt.
    You are also free to ask me for any question you can't find its answer about Egypt, life in it, places to visit, prices, ...
    Just contact me.

    Best Regards.
    [email protected]
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    I am English but have made Luxor, Egypt my home. I came here for the first time in 1992 and fell in love with the city. I came every year for 17 years but always foud it hard to leave so I moved here permanently with my sister. I now work in a small hotel called the Little Garden as the sales and marketing manager. Please check out our website at for good budget accommodation. Also my sister has her own real estate company here called so if you would rather rent or buy a good quality flat at an affordable price then check out her website. Luxor is always waiting to welcome you.
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    I would suggest Trafalgar. I went on the Wonders of Egypt tour from Dec 22 - Jan 2 and had the best time!
    Ossama and Mohamed were excellent tour directors and all other staff were professional and efficient.
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    Hy every one there is a website has every thing you need to know about Egypt tours and about the Egyptian customs,traditions and social life the website is i did use this site many times and their service,tour guides are excellent i do recommend this website.

    Adham senor
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    We travelled with GAT tours late in 2008 and were very impressed with the company and the guide they supplied. Our emails were answered very promptly and they were only too happy to accommodate our requirements. We are returning next year and have already been in touch with the company about what we want to do and again have been very impressed with their promptness and effiency in regard to our enquiries. At no time did we feel at risk and we thoroughly recommend this company
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    Heello guys , please advice me which places deserve to visit during my stay for 02 weeks at Cairo and did anyone have good experince with travel agencie that arrange day tours at Cairo, wait your comment so soon as i will travel to cairo on next week
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    Dear Tulip
    there are incredable remarks in Egypt u can visit , so don't miss Giza Pyramids , Sakkara step Pyramids , Memphis ,Citadel of Salah eldin, Egyptian museum , Old Cairo , Mosques ., out side Cairo u can travel to Upper Egypt Luxor & Aswan by Nile cruise it take 4nights & include most sight seeing , also Alexandria
    hope to be helpful
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    Tulip, There are many places of interest to be visited at Egypt. As you will be travelling for two weeks, so I think the best itinerary is to visit Cairo, go on a Nile Cruise for 03 nights (From Aswan to Luxor) then spend a night at Luxor. Don't miss visiting the mosy fantastic temples at Abydos & Dandara which is to be reached from Luxor. Then fly to sharm el sheikh for some relaxation on the Red Sea Coast beside some excursions there from snorkelling, desert safari, quad runner, hike up Mt. Moses at Sinai. finally, reruen back to cairo for departure.
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    My wife and I are in the travel buisness and are planning a trip to Egypt in Late Oct 2010 8-10 days (our 1st time). We need some help. I have made the usual travel tours inquiries, however, I know in my gut there is that extra special really well thought out tour agency/guide thats travel agaent friendly. Who's the best? And why? what absolutly to do (don't miss)Thanks for any help.
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    Dear Mr. Slatts
    you can combain both Cairo & Upper Egypt ,so you can stay at Cairo for 3 or 4 days visiting Pyramids, Sakkara, Memphis ( in one day ) & another day u can visit Egyptian museum, Citadel of Salah Eldin , Old Cairo , Khan El Khalili
    also you can visit Alexandria (overday) .
    About upper Egypt, the best is Nile cruise for 4 or 5 days so you can enjoy both the nile & visit all sightseeing between Luxor & Aswan
    Such as High Dam, Philea Temple, Komombo & edfu temples, west & east banks in Luxor

    for any further information
    please contact me by Mail : [email protected]

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    Hi. I am an American (white guy).I'm thinking of going on a cruise out of Venice that includes Israel and Egypt. I've been told that I might not be really welcome in that part of the world right now.I have always wanted to visit there, and have a good opportunity. Should I be concerned? I welcome any input of advice. Thanks.
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    Dear Mr, Harrison,
    we are welcomed in Egypt ,if you need any help or information
    please contact me by mail : [email protected]

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    Hend - how about actually taking the time to answer HarrisonFord's question instead of just plugging your services?

    Wouldn't that actually be a better way of marketing - by adding value??
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    Dear All,
    as i am an egyptian guy, i will recommend you to take your tour through thomascook on the following site as they are not that cheap but they are fair and you gurantee the quality of the service and their choices for the hotels in any place across egypt and by the way there is a very nice resort in Elgouna which is calles steinberger golf resort and you will like it alot and this is its site
    you will really like to visit egypt again and again if you stayed in such a beautifull pleace like that
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    Egypt bike and sail- is anyone out there currently scheduled to travel with them? I have some concerrns [email protected]
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    We took the 9-day Egypt tour, including a 3-day Nile cruise with Gate 1 in December of 2010. All services exceeded our expectations. First, our guide Fatma was a very knowledgeable and personable Egyptologist. She added great value to the tour. Both hotels in Cairo were very comfortable and high quality. The cruise on the Queen of Hansa was great. The facilities and meals were top notch. We took two optional guided tours: 3-day on-shore excursions between Aswan and Luxor and the Saqqara/Memphis tour out of Cairo. I would recommend both - they added great value and simplified logistics. I would highly recommend this tour from Gate 1.
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    Hi there,

    Check out this overview of tour companies in Egypt:

    Presents a good list of tour companies to choose from for Egypt
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    Hello there ,
    My name's Ahmed Fathy Abdalaall Mohamed, I’m 22 years old.

    My dream is to be a guide in any tourism company in Egypt.
    My English is not too bad, I still can speak, read and write it
    because I have been studying English in the British Council for 2 years now .
    I went to England last year and this helped me a lot as I could practise my English there.

    Still I can't work as guide because I haven't been to university
    I've just studied for a Diploma in High School and this make me can't work any where.

    Sadly if I find job anywhere it is just as a cleaner or as service, this not what i want.

    Thank you so much

    Ahmed Mohamed
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    [email protected]
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    My wife and I just got back from our unbelievable trip to Egypt.
    We couldn't have pulled it off without the help of the wonderful people at Egypt, We have wanted to go to Egypt for years, but the timing just wasn't working out, so when last month my wife and I were both able to get time off with only two weeks notice we decided to make our dream come true and travel to Egypt to see all of it's wonders.
  • Greetings, I have searched and I found this marvelous Egypt travel agency it's Called "Egypt Tours Portal" you can check them, they offer great programs and itineraries cover the best tourist attractions in the land of pharaohs, also they reviews has a great rating and fantastic, have a great vacation :smile:
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