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travelling with a minor

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I am travelling from the US to Bermuda with my 17 yr old daughter for a 5 day vacation. The planners that set up the trip tell me I should have a letter notarized by her father (we are divorced) allowing her travel out of the country. I asked for an example, or what it should say - they refer me to the airlines website. I went to American airlines website and they refer me to the bermuda consulate. I go to the Bermuda consulate website and get referred back to the US consulate - does anybody know what the letter should say and does it have to be from a lawyer?


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    You are not required to have this, but just have a letter stating that your ex husband knows about the trip and gives his consent. Take this letter to a Notary Public with your ex and have them place a Notary seal on the letter. Your bank will have a notary public there and usually will not charge for this service if you have an account with them. You will just be asked to see both you and your daughters passport, but just in case you will have the letter. Enjoy your trip to Bermuda.
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