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Thieves in Dahab-Beouina tours

edited March 2012 in Africa
I rented and apartment from Bedouina tours for one week and on the last day a considerable amount of money was stolen. I reported the matter to the manager Ali Ayish at which time he claimed that he didn't know me and that he never rented anything to me.
Ali Ayish who is also the Manager of Mirage Village has been reported to the police.


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    This response is from the management of Bedouina Tours in Dahab:

    Bedouina Tours has been dealing with the police on this matter. We did not recieve any booking from Khaled and we were not aware of him staying at one of our holiday apartments. We had a booking by another person who booked for two tourists, these were checked in at our office.

    After these customers left Mr Khaled claimed we needed to give him money, which we could not understand as we had never booked him into any of our properties. We found money left in the apartment of the two tourists who stayed, which was a different amount to the amount Khaled said. So we did not know to whom it belonged and we started to make contact with the persons staying and the man in Dahab who booked the apartment. We have acted as any hotel or business would in this instance.

    We have taken the money we found to the police, who are now dealing with this and with the person/s involved.
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    Bedouina Tours and specifically Ali Ayish were summoned by the police and the prosecutor to reply to my accusations. He did not report the money till I filed the report with the police and had evidence that the money is mine. He is likely going to prison for this.

    Logically if you "found" the money and I was the only one to report money missing then the money is mine.

    The fact is the money was stolen by Ali Ayish as retaliation for my poor review of Mirage Village which he manages and possibly owns.

    Which was discussed in more details here:
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