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Zimbabwe safe for overland trip?

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I was last in Zimbabwe as a child, on a 4x4 overland trip with my parents through Southern Africa. We went with another family, with two 4x4s in convoy, from Johannaesburg to various game reserves and attractions (in southern Botswana, all over Zimbabwe and southern tip of Zambia) over the course of a few weeks. I've done little travelling in the region since then (that was back in about 1998-1999). Obviously Zimbabwe's economy has declined since then, but I was wondering if it is still safe to do that sort of trip through the region? In particular, is Zimbabwe safe to travel through alone in a 4x4 - especially with elections coming up this year?


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    Hi Gaby, we were in Chobe in Botswana and Vic Falls in December and we felt pretty safe - we did an organised tour, but we met quite a number of people at our lodge in Chobe who were doing the overland thing and they absolutely loved it - most had come from Johannesburg and travelled through Zim. It's something that we are now considering ourselves for the near future. I think provided you keep track of the news and know what's happening you shouldn't have any problems - I wouldn't advise travelling during the elections tho, perhaps best to wait till they are over. The country's economy is slowly improving and you should be able to get all your basic supplies along the way - although petrol shortages are not uncommon so you should definitely plan ahead for that. Plan your route carefully and avoid driving in isolated areas at night - stick to main routes as much as possible, and ensure that you have pre-arranged your accommodation for each stop over.
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