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  • Thanks so much alethia, I meet my girlfriend last year in june in hotel when I work she is with me now , shr are here in Tunisia 5 times now , what doucement she need first, please
  • AS your fiancee lives in the UK she must apply for a Certificate of No Impediment ( CONI ) at her local register offices and it takes approximately 16 days to be issued and cost about £40. The CONI demonstrates she is free to marry.

    She calls the register office and makes an appointment.they registrar will tell her what documents to bring. It takes approximately 16 days after the appointment with the UK register office for the CONI to be issued.

  • Theses are the documents you both require to marry in Tunisia.
    You also require proof from Tunisia that you are free to marry.

    Here is a list of documents for both of you.
    Wife's Birth Certificate dated within 3 months, divorce papers  or death certificate of previous spouse (if applicable),
    certificate of no impediment, 
    Medical Certificate This is a medical certificate establishing eligibility to contract marriage. This certificate must have a maximum validity of two months at the time of marriage. Each party must be free of any contagious diseases (primarily tuberculosis and syphilis), alcoholism and mental illness. The City Hall in Tunis or all other cities will provide this. . All doctors practicing in Tunisia are authorized to perform these medical examinations.
    Your wifes documents must be translated into French or Arabic. Check with the local register office in Tunisia if a local notary can do this a s it will be cheaper than  the British Embassy and save a lot of time travelling to Tunis.
    Good luck

  • Thanks alethia I understand. But please I need to ask you when my girlfriend invite me to visit her in England , I can go ? What doucement I need to get visa?
  • A visit visa for the UK is very difficult. You need to apply for a general visit visa, which would give you six months in the UK.

    You need to show you have a job in Tunisia
    You have money to pay for your flight and to support yourself
    You must show you have commitments in Tunisia eg a family that you support, house land etc
    That you will return to Tunisia before your visa expires.
    You can not apply for a marriage visa from the UK so do not attempt to do that if you are granted a visit visa.;
  • I understand thank you
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    Im married with Lithuanian girl who live permanently in UK and i would like to know which steps we need to do and how i can to apply for my visa and which document i need?? 
  • You need to apply as the spouse of an EEA national who is exercising treaty rights (living and working) in the UK.

    The documents you require are these:-

    1.Marriage certificate
    2. Wedding photos
    3.Proof of your wife's employment - letter from employer, 6 months wage slips, 6 months payslips that show your wife's salary going into bank
    4. Proof of  your wifes accommodation in UK,for example tenancy agreement, utility bills (gas, electric, telephone or water) Council tax bill.
    5. Evidence you keep in contact,with your wife, for example phone bills, emails, whatsapp conversations or skype conversations printed out.

    You need to apply on line at there is no fee for EEA applicants or their dependents. You should be granted a 6 month visa to enter the UK once in the UK you must then make a second application EEA2 which cost £55 and you will be granted a five year visa. 

    One month before the five year visa ends you must apply for permanent residence. One year after you are granted permanent residence you can apply for British citizenship.

    Please be aware that for you to obtain permanent residence your wife must work for the five years (part time is ok) she can take maternity leave or sick leave but if she fails to work for the five years you will not be granted permanent residence. This is because you are dependent upon her living and working in the UK if she does not work she is not exercising treaty rights.

    This is not an easy application and your wife might need to seek legal advice with the application.

  • That's so sweet and nice from you miss Alethia, im so thankful for you..:) sorry but i wanted to ask one more question : did she have to registered our marriage in UK or we have to do something else before apply my visa ? it's better to work with special lawyer on those questions ? Thanks again :)
  • You do not need to register your marriage in the UK. Tunisian weddings are legally recognised in the UK.
    The procedure I explained above is exactly what you do. If your wife can afford to take legal advice it would be good. Where does she live in the UK?
  • she live in London, she already gone to some solicitor but she just lose her money for small information and they not help.. 
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    Ask your fiancee to contact me at
  • Ask your fiancee to contact me at
  • how she can contact you and how much its can be cost till i have my visa ?
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    I just gave you my website, all my contact details email, telephone, fax etc are on 

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  • I am a bona fide lawyer and to quote fees on an internet forum would be unprofessional. As with any lawyer fees are discussed in private with the client, just ask your fiancee to contact my office.
  • I suggest your fiance gets in touch by email or over the phone. That way she can discuss the specifics of your problem and see if Alethia can help you. There's only so much personal information you want to post on the internet!
  • Hi Alethia
    i hope u r in a good health
    i wanna ask u a question and i hope i can find the answer
    my gf from iceland she is with me in tunisia she bring all the papers to marry here but when we go to marry that say i need to have permission to marry how is that? from where i can have it
  • Hi Kamal.
    Without knowing exactly what was said to you it is difficult. Did you go to the notary and obtain a notarised certificate that you were free to marry? How old are you? Did the marriage office not explain what papers you need? You need to go back and ask what documents you need and why. Then I can help you further
  • Also you may have to go to the Embasy of Iceland in tunisia I had to go to the Embassy of the united states in tunisia
  • Most foreigners have to go to their respective embassy but in this instance the poster is a Tunisian citizen who is saying he needs permission to marry.
  • Hello,
    I am Tunisian men. I have a Ukrainian fiancee and I intend to
    bring her to Tunisia. I am planning to marry her. She is in the process
    to prepare her documents legalized in Ukraine. But before I bring her, I
    want to know how she will come : with tourist visa or I send an
    invitation letter to her and what should I put in the invitation letter?
    Best regards,
  • Ukrainian citizens can enter Tunisia visa free if they are travelling on an organised tour from a travel agent with a hotel booking. 
    If she travels alone and not on a package holiday then she must apply for a visa so I suggest she comes on a package holiday its a lot less fuss.
  • hi everyone :) does anyone know how much it will cost to have a cheap wedding in Algeria ? and what laws are involved ?
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    Surely the best person to ask about Algerian weddings and their cost is your intended husband/wife. Algerians like to spend money on weddings and like most middle eastern weddings the whole family or village are invited no such thing as a guest list
  • need to get a new certificate de naissance, no older than 21 days before you marry. It must be certified. You must have your tak tareef. This is all you need, however your fiancee must have what is called certificate of no impediment to marry. She can have this from her embassy, it must be translated and certified
  • Hello my name is Alisha and i will meet my fiancée in tunisia. He has dual citizenship of algeria and france. I am an american citizen. I have been previously married in Egypy and now i am divorced, the papers are located in Egypt (since he divorced me in Egypt). I am not sure what to do. I have two questions regarding these issues: 1. Could i possibly get a visa to algeria in tunisia or Egypt? 2. What are the rules of marriage for my situation? :)

  • You cannot marry anywhere until you have your divorce papers.
    How to apply for an Algerian visa

  • Hello, alethia. I m a malaysian and will be married with a tunisian boyfriend soon. What documents I need to have. Can I stay in tunis with his sponsor.
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