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Marriage in Tunisia



  • Abd, Eid mabrouk!

    I dont have the address but I think it would be under the uk govt which is at Lac. Not sure why you need this? You cant marry there and you are not a citizen of uk so they wont assist you. If you mean a date for marriage that is not a problem. When your fiancee arrive bo immediately for your blood tests (for both of you) and then orgsnise the contract with notaire. You can marry at the municipality or in your house with notaire.
  • Eid mabrouk
    Thanks lesley
    I was thing i need meet ambassad for take date or marriage
    so all I need my fiance arrived and we go to balediya togthers yes ..
    but southern ireland have other ambassade
    UK and northern Ireland has the same ambassad fiance of southern ireland for that I ask about adress we dont meet ambassad for marriage ..just we prepared all documents and we go to balediya
    if I forget samething please say to me and say what exactly do
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    I like your comments very much. Can I keep in touch with you for only personnel discuss because I wish to ask some personnel questions between you and me only that not shown on public.
  • abdesalamzanati you DO NOT need to go to the British embassy or any other embassy. You do exactly what Lesley said go to the municipality just the same as if you were marrying a Tunisian girl.
  • Aini, sure you can email [email protected] and I will be happy to help you.
  • Lesley
    Thank you very much and I will keep in touch with you in your email add. Chat with you soon.
  • Thanks Alethia
  • Abd, so your fiancee need to find out which embassy can give her consular assistance is she needs it. Not all countries have embassy here. Par example, citizens of Australia use the Embassy de Canada. I will try to find out for you.
  • Abd, I cant find embassy of south ireland. She must find out in her country who will represent her country here in tunis. Also, dont forget that you both need blood tests. You will have the results the same day, and you should have these for the contract.
  • There is an Honorary Consulate of Ireland in Tunis.

    HONORARY CONSUL : -    Moncef Mzabi
    Dalmas SARL
    1 Rue Laroussi Haddad
    Zi Sidi Rezig 2033

    LOCAL: 9830.7364
    INTERNATIONAL: +216.9830.7364

    LOCAL: 7189.3182
    INTERNATIONAL: +216.7189.3182

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    my fiancee were will do blood test here in tunisia or in irland and about test blood we do in hospital or in spicial doctor
    sorry I swear little documenet I dont undredsand can say to me en arabic ...sorry for do all documents ...about my fiancee will ask if she need no samething
  • Abd..I should answer you in English because that is the language of this forum. Alethia give you details for Embassy of Ireland I Tunis. Call them and maybe that help. Your fiancee should do her blood tests here in Tunis. Go to doctor and get order for pathology, you can go to any pathologie, then take the results back to doctor who will stamp ok.

    abd, belehee mish stressy!! Kool behi, ca va? Winek fee Tunis?
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    Abd, has no one ever married in your family?  Marrying a woman from Ireland is just the same as marrying a Tunisian  woman. Yes you need a couple of extra documents such as the certificate of non impediment and documents need to be translated but the rest is a normal Tunisian wedding. Which are lawful and recognised all over the world.
    That is why you do not need to contact the Irish Consulate.
    Le Bureau de l'Etat Civil a la Municipalite can tell you all you need to do
  • Lesley
    I need to do my blood tests in Tunisia also if I want to married with my boyfriend?
    I need to wear hijab and juba in Ariana?
    I can wear long dress without hijab or not?
    I don't know what dress I need to bring from Malaysia.
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    Aini, you will have the blood tests done in  Tunisia.
    Since the 2011 revolution more women have chosen to wear the hijab but they don't wear juba.

    Of course you can wear a long dress without a hijab, it depends if your husband and his family are conservative and expect you to wear a hijab. You need to ask your husband about that.

    Tunisian weddings have a henna night, the night where the bride wears a gold traditional dress and is given money. On the actual wedding day Tunisian brides like to wear a white European style wedding dress, with their hair uncovered.

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    Aini, yes you will have blood tests done and you and your fiance can go together. You can have the results the same day.
  • Aini, Tunisia is a fairly liberal society, however you will find that the young unmarried women tend to dress in a european style, however once engaged they tend to cover more. Interestingly since our revolution more women wear the hijeb and jibba (how we pronounce it). This started as a political statement as before the thowra it was forbidden for female teachers, those working in govt offices. Now you will find the many married women covering, in fact many take it further and wear niquab.

    You will find what works for you and your husband but I do recommend that you bring with you modest clothing. If you want a henna night you can, but as you will e in Ariana you will find that you do ot wear a gold dress (this is very rare if ever), usually you mother in law will rent an outfit for money is given. It is also quite normal to have the contract on the same night in which case you an go to the hairdresser where they will do your make up, design a hijeb to match your outfit and help you to change into it. Please be careful with what the family decides, nowadays we usually only do the henna, contract and party which involves only soft drinks, cakes and dj, no one can afford anything else. If the family tell you they have arranged a salle de fete and all the trimmings make sure you know who is paying! It could be you if you are not careful.

    as you are marrying in Ariana then you can hire the wedding dress, this is normal, but bring your own shoes.

    I dont want to be rude but a question....are you a Muslim. You can message me privately if you wish. Also I have a lot more information about the marriage and customs in Ariana.

    Alethia thank you so much for your helpful answers but each region here has their own traditions, what to wear and who pays for what.
  • Lesley and Alethia
    Thank you very much that give me comments.
    I am now have more confident to go Tunisia.
  • Aini, will your parents or family members be going to your wedding?
  • My family will not joined in Tunisia. We will come back Malaysia for have a celebration again
  • Aini, when do you come to Tunisia. I will be happy to help you and if you email me I will let you have my number
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    Lesley, I will come in August but not yet confirmed the dated. Will email you once confirm. Nice to meet you. You stay in Tunisia?
  • Aini, yes I live in Tunisia so will be happy to give any advice
  • Lesley
    Good... luckily you stay in Tunisia. At least I can get a very good advice from you because you may known more about Tunisia.
    I must keep in touch with you. If you can, I wish to invite you to my wedding celebration.
  • Sorry I ask much but I want no about document my fiance en English or other language and my documents on arabic or nn
    thanks lesley and alathia
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    Abd here is the complete list of documents which I have copied from an earlier post and changed to suit your Irish fiancée. 

    1 You will need to obtain a “Certificate of No Impediment” to Marry. This is known in
    Ireland as a ‘CERTIFICAT DE COUTUME’. The application form is available from the Department of Foreign Affairs Dublin who’ll post  one upon request. There are two types of forms; one for a divorced person and another for non-divorced. The  Certificate de Coutume application can take at least three months to process. 
    2 Your birth certificate (Certificate de naissance) a new one , no older than 21 days
    3 Your fiancée's birth certificate ( she must obtain a new one also)
    4 Your passport and ID card
    5 Your fiancée's passport. 
    6 If you or your fiancée has been married before you will need the divorce certificate or death certificate if your previous spouse died.
    These documents must be translated to French or Arabic when your fiancée arrives in Tunisia for the wedding.The Bureau de l'Etat Civil a la Municipalite will tell you where to where to translate and notarise your documents, where you can get your blood tests done and how to book and arrange your wedding. 
    Many Tunisians marry foreigners in Tunisia so the Bureau de l'Etat Civil a la Municipalite can give you a lot of help.

  • Abd.......if you are still confused please tell your fiancee to email me and I will tell her exactly what she need to bring.

    For you it is easy......taq tariff, certificate de naissance and passport if you have one. You should go to get your certificate de naissance 21 days before you marry. Fhemtnee?

    Give this email to your [email protected]
  • Hi alethia
    I swear to god I dont no what I do I go to Le Bureau de l'Etat Civil a la Municipalite (beladiya) they same too me you need to go to ambasd for give you permission for marrie.
    I say to they my fiance will take of her ambassad ...but the bureau still say to me she need go to ambassad Ireland in Tunisia for take permission ...I swear to god really I dont now what I do
  • No one needs permission to marry from their embassy. I have assisted many British, Irish and European people to marry in Tunisia and no one needs permission to marry. The beladiya are speaking about the Certificate de Coutume that is the evidence that the person is free to marry and until you have this you cannot marry.

    Some nationalities obtain an affidavit or certificate of non impediment from their embassy but Irish and British people get this in their own country.

    I have given you the phone number of the Honorary Consul call him.

    You are making problems where there are none. Where do you live in Tunisia? 

  • do not need permission to marry.....your certificate de naissance shows that you are single. Alethia is speaking of the document that your fiancee need. She must take permission from her embassy but this is the document that Alethia talk about. All she need to do is go to embassy in Ireland......msh complicate ca va?

    ya aychek...tell your fiancee to email me. It will be easy for me to tell her what she need behi?
    My [email protected] tell her email me today. Also you email me and I give you information in French.

    You concentrate only on your documents and date of marriage. You csn have certificate de naissance sometimes on same day. It costs tnd1.000 from memory.
  • Lesley sorry to correct you but Abd's fiancée does NOT have to take permission from the embassy she has to obtain a certificate of non impediment from the Department of foreign Affairs in Dublin Ireland NOT from any embassy.

    They cannot book a wedding date until the marriage office sees sight of the foreign brides documents.

    I hope the fiancée contacts you it might help.
  • Alethia, in fact they do not need to sight any of her documents for Abd to set and book a date for the wedding. She brings all the documents with her and the beladya or notaire will stamp and sign. Moreover if you wish to marry in your own home with a notaire he only has to sight the dox before signing of contract.

    in regard to permission, I was using language that abd used and would understand. I would use Arabic but respect that this site uses english language
  • Hello I am from the USA and I am going to Mezzouna Tunisia to visit my husband and I was wondering do you think it would be a waste of time to go to the US embassy of Tunisia and try and get a Visa for my husband to come back with me to America?
  • I will be comeing back to Mezzouna Tunisia do I have to go to the US embasy to tell them I am there or Will I be ok?
  • Theresay, You do not need to tell the US Embassy you are in Tunisia it is of no interest to them.
    As for going to the US Embassy and apply for a visa, that's not how things work and yes you would be wasting your time.  There is a whole process you have to go through which is difficult expensive and can take several months.
  • Okay thanks Alethia that is what I thought but wanted to check anyway have a good weekend.
  • Therese, you know that you have to register with the police? Your husband needs to go to the local police with your passport, but sure you have done this before??
  • Why does he have to go to the police station?
  • To register you. All visitors must register. Where in Mazzouna your husband? Our farm is near, but nearer to Sbeitla than you are
  • It's Sidi Bouzid exactly
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