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I would suggest caution when reading ANYTHING on this site about passport LAWS CHANGE.

For example, on page, a member named DavidF states that "all US travelers need to enter Canada is a drivers licence or a valid passport".

Yes, David, you are correct.....and were completely correct back in 2009 when you made this comment...........BUT.........if you, as an American citizen want to RE-ENTER your home country, the United (or as I call it...the Excited) States of America......YOU MUST HAVE A VALID PASSPORT........or you won't be getting back in!! Your drivers licence will not work!

I'm guessing that other instances like this appear all over the site......and in this particular one, the discussion is "closed to comment" I can't even post a correction at the bottom of the thread.

Michael Scott


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    Hi Michael,

    As with any forum, information posted becomes out of date. As you state, the information in that thread was correct when DavidF posted it.

    We also have a policy of closing comment threads once they become too long, as pertinent information can be hard to find when there are many pages of comments.

    While we give advice regarding passports and visas where we can, we always counsel travellers to check with their nearest embassy or consulate before making concrete plans, as things do sometimes change without warning.

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