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Plan on moving to Cape Town for three months next year... Any advice welcome.

I plan on moving to Cape Town during my gap year next year from about mid Janurary to March or April depending on the success of my stay. My grandparents have spent much of their life in Johannesburg and Cape Town due to work commitments, but now live in the UK. As I have never been to C.T I asked for there advice on spending time there and they have nothing but praise for it, however I have a friend who spends a lot of time over there who says it is amazing but you cannot walk anywhere alone at night and you shouldn't use taxi's. I don't for a minute have any preconceived ideas of what the city will be like as I have heard both good and bad about it, but would love to hear some other first hand experience of the city. I'm considering staying in Western Cape, either within the Observatory regions or perhaps Green Point or the V&A, though I'm not particularly picky- however I do want to be near lots of bars and restaurants!!
What is finding accommodation like over there for a stay of two months or over. As I'd be going alone knowing very few people there I'd prefer to have the opportunity to meet people, and also for my own security I wouldn't like living alone in a country I have no current experience in.

Any information will be appreciated


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    Base yourself in a Long Street (city centre) or Observatory backpackers for starters, then find flat-share in the area once you make connections. Those are very lively, youth oriented areas - pretty safe. Metered taxis are perfectly safe to use; minibus taxis are fine in the daytime which is the only time they operate.
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