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complex situation regarding SA citizenship

edited March 2012 in - Southern Africa
Hi all,
I'm hoping someone can help me figure out what to do.

I was born in SA ( 1967) and got issued an ID book at age 16. I got a british passport through my mums british citizenship when I was a child.
I left SA in 2001, using the british passport.

During this time, I have changed my name and gender - which is reflected in my british passport.

My parents are getting on a bit and I might want to move out and work there, so that I can spend time with them.

All I have have is my original south african ID book ( old one without fingerprints) and birth certificate ( in orig name and gender).

I'm thinking that I need to first see if I am eligible for a SA passport and residence, and then get a SA passport issued with name and gender change...?

I've tried to make sense of the SA high commision website, but I see they are saying:

Immigration Consultants are not allowed to process or hand in any application related to services for South African citizens. Only attorneys duly registered in South Africa are allowed to assist their clients in processing any applications to this office. However, applications sent to this office by an attorney MUST be accompanied by a duly signed power of attorney. In terms of SA Immigration Act of 2002 as amended, Immigration practitioners duly registered in South Africa are ONLY allowed to handle applications related to foreigners.

Which seems to mean I couldn't contact an immigration or visa place to help me go through the process.

I'd appreciate any info or suggestions on any part of my query:
- am I eligible for citizenship with birth cert and old ID book if I've never had a SA passport?
- in this case, would my owning a British passport mean I can't have dual citizenship?
- would I sort out changing name and gender on my birth certificate first, be the way to go - or try get a passport and then change details?

cheers, Tom
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