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Attention criminals!!!!

edited April 2009 in - North Africa
Now in Hurghada the firm work, the director of this firm is Mohamed Hassan Ibrahim Ataut, tel: 012 509 52 30

and Elila Stronci-Digad, tel: 010 885 61 25

the company is named: MAS International Agency (flat No 5, Ceramic apt, Tele Centre str, - Sakkala Hurghada - RED SEA)

Using counterfeit documents, addressed to Mrs. Elila Stronci-Digad Or Mrs. Catherine Stronci. The real name it is Russian girl Ekaterina Silchenko and at it in Moscow many debts, it is searched by police.

It in Moscow has husband and two small children, in Hurgada it gives out all herself wife this is Mohamed.

False the document have been sent from Russia on 18th July, on the address: Egypt, Red Sea,
Attention criminals!!!!

Hurghada, hotel Regina Style resort, to Mohamed Hassan Ibrahim Ataut he ordered the counterfeit passport!!!

Mohamed Hassan Ibrahim Ataut knows that it is false documents, I called to it and spoke him that carried false documents in police, but he has not made it!!!!

Mohamed Hassan Ibrahim Ataut criminal!!!

Also I think that they sell marihuana.

I wrote in Iberotel Makadi Saraya Resort that they work with criminals and left it the a phone number, but the answer was not.

It is necessary to call urgently in turisian police and to inform them about criminals!

More than 4 months I am with 2 small children when my former wife gives out itself for the wife of other person and does not pay alimony on children.

I demand that about it it became known to police. Mohamed Hassan Ibrahim Ataut and Mrs. Elila Stronci-Digad should be arrested.
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