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Is it safe to drink the water in Marrakech and other health concerns for Morocco?

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Hello, we are travelling to Morocco soon and will be staying in Marrakech. We are fairly seasoned travellers but just want to check it is ok to drink the water and eat street food in Marrakech. I imagine there is lots of interesting food for sale in the souks and just want to be sure. Also please let us know if there are any other health concerns - are there mozzies? M.
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    Drinking tap water does raise concerns as this contain bacteria which is harmful to health.
    You are safe to use tap water for hand washing, shower, brushing teeth.
    Drinking water should only be taken from bottles (Sidi Ali, Sidi Harazim etc) which is widely available from supermarkets such as Acima where it is cheapest. street kiosks selling newspapers also have bottled water for a slightly higher price.
    Buying bottled water in hotels will be the most expensive.
    Street food is great but be sure it has been thoroughly cooked and hot when bought.
    Eating at the food stalls in Jemaa el Fna is ok but main concerns are the salad which may have been washed in tap water. Having said this, I have only experienced food poisoning in Tanger on one ocassion and have eaten salad in Marrakech, Agadir, Essaouira and other places without incident.
    Cafes and restaurants are not found in the souks, only in and around the city. Fresh food however is available in the form of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables in the souk and elsewhere.
    There are mozzies but nothing really to worry about and vaccinations are not generally required for short stays unless you have any illnesses.
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