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Living In Lagos

edited April 2012 in - West Africa
Where are the best places to Living in Lagos Nigeria between other expats and their families?


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    Hi - see our guide to Moving to Lagos for more information. The linked Nigeria guide will also be helpful.
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    the best answer to that it NO WHERE IN NIGERIA
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    Angeleyess the best answer for you is you are a stupid moron and an idiot.
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    JE, the best place to move would be Lagos Island which comprises Victoria Island, Ikoyi, and Lekki Penninsular. These are really high class residential areas with good infrastructure and excellent facilities.
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    To the guest who said I am an idiot
    That is your suggestion
    To any one with a family if you love them you would not go to this hell hole
    Even in this area which the guest say there is "excellent faclities" I would say they are poor to western standards
    Also not that these areas have High rates of kindnapping and are still quite dirty and you will be harrassed all the time by locals
    I know this as I have spend some times in Nigeria as I married a local there
    I was contansally ripe off and harrassed and not just by local people but by officals officers - courts police and any other offical that thought they could extract money

    Please note that they will do this with a smile on there face blessing and thank god to your face But be careful not to turn your back on them or let your guard down

    If you go take all your life saving and be ashore this still will not be enought to have any quality of life there as you will have issue with air, water and power

    Plus you will be living like a prisoner

    You have been warn

    Go to the hell hole at your own risk

  • To angeleyess, I must say you are so wrong woth your conclusion, lagos is a great place to be, there are areas in lagos which are very secured and security is ensured. Places like lekki, victoria island, and many other, we have great tourist centers in lagos, nice restaurant. So I advise you don't just conclude that a country is bad because of the things you see on internet. Have an experience of your own. If you have any issue or you still want to have more information you could reach me : [email protected] or call: +2348066238425
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