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Sending Mail to Cubans working at resort

edited April 2012 in - Cuba
I was recently in Cuba; and made a few friends with the workers at the resort. I would like to keep in touch with them and hope to send them a letter soon. I did not get their home address but I was thinking to send them a letter through the resort address. Is it ok for me to send them just a Birthday card or will they get in trouble?( because I am a foreigner and relationships with foreigners are not favourable.) I do not have any intention to send them money.


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    Who told you that relationships between foreigners and locals is frowned upon? Unless the Cuban is a cop, in the military or has something to do with national security then it's no big deal.

    I see no issues with writing to your new friends using the resort address, but be sure to ask for their home address so subsequent contact does not include the resort.

    Lastly, be patient. Mail is SLOW and many times it goes missing, especially envelopes that appear to contain something other than a letter. Postcards get through much better.

    Good luck.

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