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Need to pay fine for overstaying in South africa

edited April 2012 in - Southern Africa
I am a citizen frm Suriname and i went to south africa on a corporate visa and worked there for 3 yrs ,in those 3 yrs i fell in love got married and even had a child,i then resigned from the company to come back to my coutry and sort some stuff out to migrate to south africa so i can apply for a permanent visa and get a permanent job to start a new live with my family.
The company i worked for did not reply to me for a year untill i treathened them to take them to court,they within a week time got me a ticket and when i asked them about my visa beeing expired they simply told me not to worry,but at the airport i got fined R3000,- and they told me that i can reapply for a visa in Jamaica and i will not be "blacklisted" and will be granted access back in SA after paying the R3000,- fine ..,my question is where and how do i pay the R3000,- fine do i have to transfer the money or do i have to pay in cash and if so ,do i need to fly to Jamaica ?,i need a very urgent response pls ,i've been fooled for way to long now and would like to be with my family,thank you in advance.


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    You pay the fine at the port of entry in South Africa. The Immigration Officer will direct you where to pay, either at Immigration Control or at Customs after you have cleared Immigration. (specifically talking abt OR Tambo Int'l Airport).
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