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Wedding suit hire, and local wedding planner/venue. Bodrum

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Hi there, I need some inspiration/help
I'm getting married Bodrum (or surrounding area), May 2013. I am english, my partner a Turk... who's currently working in Nigieria until February 2013.
We are meeting in Bodrum in May this year, but there are a few things I'm getting stuck on.
1) - Groom suit hire - my fiancee thinks you can ONLY buy made to measure wedding suits in Turkey - I'd like to think he's wrong, as I think this would be very expensive... could you adivse... because the other problem is the best man and the brides father (my dad), live in UK, so not sure how to go about matching everyone's suits. :(
2) - Venue, I DO NOT want a beach wedding because quite frankly I don't want "missus Miggins and her snotty kid" taking photos of me, when my friends have paid to come for the wedding - and i've paid to feed them - I'd like a little bit of privacy - so where do you think would be appropriate - I'd love a great view for the wedding.
3) - Any local decent wedding planners in Bodrum/Bitez/Gumbet - I personally think it'd be easier with both of us out of the country (and my partners rather laid back attitude) that a wedding planner would be useful.

ANY HELP would be greatly received, and thank you for your time...
Kind regards

Dawn . :D


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    Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding.

    The most ?mportant thing you need to arrange is a CON? (Certificate of Non-?mpediment). You can get this from your local registry office in the UK. ? think it is valid for marriage in Turkey for 6 months from the date of issue.

    Here is a link to the London Turkish Embassy

    You will need to allow time before the marriage can take place to arrange all the formalities and for most of them you do need to be present - especially the blood test!

    There are some beautiful places around the region to get married at and the marriage official for each area will generally perform the ceremony in most places. For instance ? know of people who have married in Bodrum Castle, a hotel, a restaurant.....

    Do you know the area at all? May be worth thinking about the sort of venue you want and of course your budget.

    Another option is to get the formalities over and done with accompanied by just your witnesses at the local wedding office then have a party where you choose.

    Suit hire may be tricky as Bodrum itself only has one large shopping mall with chain stores - Oasis There is a Marks and Spencers there!!!

    Good Luck :o)
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    Hi there -

    Thank you for your congratulations and quick response....

    Sorry I should have said, I know Bodrum reasonably well and my partner worked there for 12 years!! However, venue for weddings is not something we'd really thought about before.... Small reception - i think not, there's 140 on the guest list, with the thought that probably 90-100 will come. (if you're going to do it once only - might as well do it properly AND i won't be having a UK party) :)
    I wanted the Castle, but haven't been able to find who to contact about it, or a hotel up over the harbour - view of Bodrum/Gumbet... also I will be in Izmir May, Oct & Dec - do Turks hire wedding suits?
    We're looking at £10,000 max budget (not incl dress and bridemaids dresses - they're already paid for kinda). is this a realistic budget for Turkey? :D
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    ? have seen suit hire here in Antalya in a lot of the bridal shops or the shop next door - many places offer a 'package' of brides dress etc and suit hire for the groom!!

    10,000 .......... wow you should get a damn good do for that in Turkey!!!

    How about getting married on a Gulet???

    This thread on Trip Advisor may help
    one poster did get married at the castle and maybe you could contact her by private message if you create an account. ?t may be worth trying to contact Bodrum Belediye or seeing if the Tourist ?nformation office can help with details. Their telephone number is 0090 252 316 1091 or fax: 0090 252 316 7694 - sorry can't find an email.

    My other suggestion would be Gumu?luk - beautiful place and no Mrs Miggins and family around. Beautiful restaurants there as well.
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    I've just seen your post as am doing some research for a friend who is also getting married in Bodrum next year...
    Do you still need help? I am located in Bodrum and can refer you to a couple of contacts for wedding organisation.
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    I was looking for a wedding table decorator in Bodrum and came across this site. I have to recommend you the newly opened Secret Garden fine dining restaurant in the famous Halikarnas disco. The place has the most beautiful sunset view (the Castle, gulets, the sea and Kos Island...) and they give good price to weddings. Just check their website.
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    hi im also looking to get married in gumbet next september if anyone has any tips or wedding advisors we could use please could they forward them to myself
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    Hi, I am looking to get Married at bodrum Castle next September and hoping to do as much as I can on my own so would be grateful for any contacts in Bodrum.
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    My first tip would be to arrange your certificate on non impediment (CONI) as you can't get married without it. You get it in the UK from your local registry office and both of you (if non Turk) must have one. I believe the Turkish authorities will only accept one that is 6 months old or less.
    This is the Turkish Embassy in London's advice:

    Also bring loads of passport type photos with you as with everything in this country they want 4 or maybe more with every form you fill in!!

    If I learn of a good company in the Bodrum area I will post here!

    Good Luck :o)
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    Hey there, I sadly have only just noticed all you help.....We're having the reception at Ambrosia Hotel in Bitez, because my partner knows the owner.....however, we've come unstuck on ceremony location.....CASTLE tried to TRIPLE the price from May to BE CAREFUL we said no to them in the end....However, with 2 months to go we dont have a ceremony, location.....I would like it on a pier.....but not sure we can find one.....any ideas? I will look at Secret Garden...thanking you... (I'm currently in Izmir/Bodrum for a week of panic). Lol
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    Hi Dawn

    How about out by the windmills between Bodrum and Gumbet then not too far to travel to your reception in Bitez. Wonderful views from there :o) Try the local wedding registrar to see where he is prepared to perform the ceremony!
  • hi I know you said that they were tripling the price of hire of the castle may -sept but how much was the charge roughly. im having trouble getting hold of anyone i will be going to turkey this year to plan my wedding for 2015 but it would be nice to see if its affordable before i go .
  • If you want to marry in Bodrum Castle (actually St Peters Castle) you need to contact Bodrum municipality and fix a date.

    This is a very popular venue for weddings. That is why the price has gone up and Bodrum is not a cheap resort. A local wedding planer would be a great help to you.  

    By the way I have been to several Turkish weddings over the years and have never heard of anyone booking a wedding so far in advance in Turkey its very unusual. Any way good luck

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