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Bahrain visa requirrments



  • Hi, am kenyan working in UAE have a resident visa, I want visit a friend in Bahrain for 3 days only, do I need a letter of no objection from company to give on my arrival. Please reply me as I want travel on Thursday
  • Here are the requirements to enter Bahrain as the alien resident of a GCC country
  • Hi,am from Nigeria and working in Nigeria and need a change of environment,I want to visit Bahrain and if possible get a job.what kind of visa do i need ?what are the things i need to do to be able to travel to Bahrain and work without Immigration problem.please reply me as i want to know before travel on monday
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    I am concerned that you intend to travel on Monday as Nigerians require a sponsor to enter Bahrain even on a tourist visa.  I suggest you look here for further assistance.

    This is the latest information on work permits.
    In Bahrain it is generally accepted that approximately half of the entire work force must be composed of Bahraini citizens therefore it is becoming more difficult to obtain a working Visa for the region. In order to take up employment in the country you must first get a Bahrain employer to act as your sponsor. 
    It is then the job of your new employer to get you a work permit before you will be allowed to commence employment No work permit can be issued without approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs  You cannot work until all the criteria for  Non Objection Certificate and Work Permit have been met.

  • Dear mam/ sir

     Iam in India. Iam trying to work permit visa in Bahrain . is registration visa number is enough to get visa for my kid .

  • Mam
    How many days it will take to get dependent visa for my kid
  • A registration number is not sufficient. Have you applied for your child to live with you in Bahrain,as it seems you do not have a work permit yet. You should be asking this question of your employer or whoever is arranging your work permit.

    Once you have a work permit and CPR your childs visa should be issued quite quickly.
  • Hi there,

    I'm planning to travel tonight to Bahrain for 3 days .. I'm a resident of Dubai been working here since last July But I moved my company in this year Feb and now I'm under new company sponsorship which was processed in March so its been only 3 months but I was a resident since last July just that I changed my job and my visa says sales representative. Will I get a Bahrain visa on arrival.. Require immediate assistance please as my tickets are already booked for tonight.
  • I'll never understand why people book last-minute tickets without bothering to check visa requirements.

    Temporary residence in the UAE doesn't mean anything, we can't help you unless we know what country you're from.
  • I do not know any one Bahraim can you help me get an Agent that can arrange the get employment for and get the Visa work on my hehalf .if i get email of the Agent i catact him or her and wat goes.Thk you
  • Bahrain is trying to balance the need to import foreign labour with the interests of the local population, and companies are strongly encouraged to take on local nationals where possible. This ‘encouragement’ can be quite robust, and the Ministries are able to restrict the number of work visas issued or renewed to a company in order to comply with a quota of local intake. Recruitment of staff is mostly from agencies based in the UK, USA, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Korea, Thailand  and Sri Lanka. Recruitment agents do not obtain visas or work permits these are arranged by the Bahraini employer
    Your standard of English Frank seems very poor, if your post is anything to go by, you will struggle to find work with poor English. I worked in Bahrain for five years and the standard required is very high.
  • Hi, my is idris and am from Nigeria. I just want to know if Nigeria is
    among the countries listed for the issues of Bahrain Visas? If yes, how
    can one get the visas for the purpose of schools educational tour.

  • Hi guys!,any body who knows if i can get my child here in bahrain?the case that me and her mother is not married?
  • Firstly it depends on the parental rights you have in your own country as to whether or not you can remove the child.  What country are you from ? Are you on the child's birth certificate? Does the mother consent to you taking the child?How old is the child? Who will care for the child when you go to work? 
     Countries have to be mindful of child trafficking. If you give me the information I may be able to help you further.
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    Hi Good day everyone I'm a Filipino passport holder and currently working in Doha qatar..and I resigned already my job. and planning to visit in bharain to find a job locally..what kind of visa do I have to apply and how much it cost?
  • You are eligible to apply for Bahraini e visa. all visa fees are displayed on the site.
    However this visa is only for 7 days , I think in hindsight you may have made a mistake in resigning from your job until you found another.
  • I am from cameroon and i want to work in Bahrain.and please i need your help and direction on how to do it.
  • I think you will find it very hard to work in Bahrain here is some information.
    You need a job offer and an employer who is prepared to do the work permit.
  • i am an Indian working as an php developer in Dubai i want to make a visit to barain for 3 days. i just wanted to know that it is visa on arrival?
  • Adwin, everything you need to know is in the link that Alethia posted three replies above yours.

    Here it is again:

  • Hi,I am visit visa in Dubai, iam going to bahrain in employ visa any chance,I am indian
  • @irfan007
    This is a travel forum not an employment bureau. Sorry we cannot advise you.
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