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Schengen Visa Question



  • Thank you so much Alethia and Anya :) 
  • rhyrhy
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    I hope i will not  get any problem even the remark section on my visa is blank. :)

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    Rhy I don't understand your concerns about the remark section. The remark section is for special purposes, such as family reunification or medical treatment. Remarks is often left blank on tourist visas. 
  • Thank you so much Alethia, now  we will be travelling without any worries :) 
  • I have Canadian passport I stayed in Norway for 85 days can I go back to Canada and come back to schengun state after 3 weeks. Any comments thxs
  • Eddy_toronto, Norway is a member of the Schengen zone, and the visa rules are that you can only stay in a Schengen member state for 90 days in a six month period. You need to count three months from the day you left Norway and that is when you can return.
  • Thx alethia
  • hi,

    i got my first schengen visa but i am not able to travel due personal circumtances and the visa became expired questions is can i renew it without any issues? or i should reapply again from the beginning?
  • You cannot renew a visa, you will have to reapply with all fresh documentary evidence and explain why you did not use the last visa.
  • ah ok... i applied it from Germany consulate . does it mean my first entry is Germany port or i can entry any in schengen zone ?
  • Once you have the Schengen visa you can enter at any port in the Schengen zone

  • appreciated. thanks alethia Godbless

  • Please advise me, if i can travel first time to Paris with my multiple entry tourist visa of Schengen ( approved through swiss consulate)  without traveling to swiss .will i have any immigration problem.This i am doing because i need it urgently and swiss consulate gives visa in 3-4 working days.i am worried because i am showing them that i will stay in swiss for few days but that is not goin to happen.
    please reply urgently.
  • Once you have a Schengen visa you should be able enter any Schengen country without difficulty.
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    when should i apply for schengen visa?
  • Hello, 
    I'm planning to apply for french visa from Canada. I am an international student here.
    Here is the question. Among all documents needed there must be insurance of 50,000$. This is totally a big amount of money, especially for a student. I have my insurance but it's only covering 1,000 or so. Do I really need to have this much money for the insurance or any other one could be fine according to my situation? 
  • Tatabus only you can know when you need to apply for a Schengen visa , we don't know when your travelling.
    Apply at least one month before you want to travel.

    Dinara,You don't need $50,000 you simply need to buy a travel insurance policy that covers you for that amount of money and the cost should be quite inexpensive as you are young. I looked at some comparison quotes and these policies started at around $25. If you do not have the correct insurance you will not be granted a visa.
  • Hi All,

    I have a question. I went to Europe this year for 21 days with my Schengen visa issued by French Embassy. I was given more or less 6 months validity. I'm planning to visit Germany again next year around February 14 - 21, 2015. My visa expires on February 25, 2015. Will there be any problem if I use again my visa considering that there's only a couple of days remaining for the validity? Looking forward to your responses. Thanks a lot.


  • You're fine to travel within the Schengen Zone as long as your visa is valid. I think you're getting the visa expiry confused with your passport expiry... some countries require you to have 3 or 6 months remaining on your passport.
  • Marjori22,

    The problem is you only have nine days left on the visa when you intend to enter Germany and you may well be stopped at the border as you will not be allowed to overstay when you visa runs out.

  • Thanks for all the responses. 

    Anya K, no my passport will expire on 2018. As with my visa, it will really expire on Feb. 15, 2015. 

    Alethia, I will intend to stay in Germany for a couple of days (say a week) just to visit a friend. So I will be stopped at the Immigration and they won't let me stay for days? Or as long as I have my return ticket and all, they will let me pass through?
  • Marjoi you are cutting things very fine to stay for a week. If you have evidence of your return ticket then you should be ok. It is really down to the immigration officer at border control when you enter Germany
  • Hi, 

    I'm a Malaysian passport holder and currently study in UK.

    I'm a little bit confuse about the Schengen things. As far as I know I can enter Schengen area Visa-free but didn't understand the 90days and 180days rules imposed by the authority.

    Here the situation: Let say I'm going to France this coming December for 3 days and return to UK and I'm planing to go Italy this coming January 2015 then return to UK back and going to Germany on March 2015 and return to UK, it is possible ??
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    There are different types of visa. A single entry visa which allows only one visit or a multiple entry visa. 

    If you have a single entry visa you can only enter the Schengen area once for a single visit for a maximum of 90 days.

    A multiple entry visa allows the holder to go in and out of the Schengen area at any time in the ninety day period. this visa has the world MULT written on it. The validity of the visa is clearly written on the visa.

    As for the 90 and 180 days it work s like this. In any six month period for example 15.1. 2015 to 15.7.2015 you can visit the Schengen area for a maximum of 90 days either in one go or in short visits.

    If you have been granted a multiple entry visa it depends on the validity whether or not you can make your intended journeys
  • Hi... i have a study visa from the french consulate from nigeria. i have been studying in paris and my visa will expire march 2015... i want to visit london this december and i would like to know requirements needed to apply as a student in france. thanks 
  • You need to complete the online application at  follow the instructions, pay the fee and make the apppointment at the visa centre then go to

    For the visa application you require evidence of your accommodation , hotel reservation or letter from a friend or family member . if you are staying with a friend or relative they must give a copy of their passport  ( and visa if necessary ) to show they are legally in the UK plus council tax or utility bills to confirm their address. If the friend or relative is paying for anything they must provide latest bank statements.

    You musty provide evidence of your studies, all documents must be original and in English, evidence you are legally in France. Three months bank statements with sufficient funds for a return air ticket and enough money to maintain and accommodate yourself
  • Hello, 
    I just got my Schengen visa last week from the Spain embassy so is it okay if I go to Germany first for one week?

  • Yes you can travel to Germany first before going to Spain.
  • thank you Alethia 
  • Hi there, i am a british citizen married to my egyptian husband and we would like to start a life together in a schengen country. Is it true he can join me in europe based on the fact we are married, if yes what visa does he need to apply for and what documentation would they require from us, by the way i am in the uk and he is in egypt
  • HI, we Apply for schengen Visa from Dubai and we got Appointment so plz
    someone able to tell me what is actually Appointment, Is it some
    question/Answer or anything else plz i will be thankful
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    Dubai does not process Schengen visas. You must have an appointment at the embassy of the country you want to visit. So where are you going and what nationality are you?
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    Hi Alethia, my bosses will be travelling to Munich, Germany on business purposes in Feb 2015, tell me please do they need to apply for a Schengen visa?

    - Mexican national

    - Indian national with Schengen visa valid till 2016, type C multiple entry issued in Singapore

    - Indian by birth but acquired Singapore citizenship in 2011


  • Citizens of Mexico and Singapore do mjot require a Schengen visa, they are granted 90 days at the port of entry 

    As for your boss with the Schengen visa, as long as he has not spent 90 days in the last six months in the Schengen zone he will be ok to travel too
  • Hi Alethia, we have applied our Schengen visa at Germany consulate thru VFS  Dubai. The question is, are we allowed to go to paris first instead of munich? Thank you.
  • Yes you can go to Paris first. The Schengen visa allows you to travel anywhere in the Schengen zone

  • Hi Alethia, i am a british citizen married to my nigerian husband and we would like to start a life together in a schengen country. Is it true he can join me in europe based on the fact we are married, if yes what visa does he need to apply for and what documentation would they require from us, by the way i am in the uk and he is in nigeria.

  • Hi Alethia,
    I have been granted a 3 month multiple visa-it says it is valid for a duration of 30 days and is expiring this January. I have used it first time to go to France and Italy for a week. Is it possible that I use it again to travel to a schengen country ? If I do travel does that mean I have to leave before my visa expires or I can stay until I have used up the 30 days ?
    Thanks in advance !
  • You must leave before your visa expires whether or not you have used the thirty days. If you overstay you will have great problems to obtain another Schengen visa.
  • Hi, I am Irrestry,

    I am gonna travel to schengen areas next April and now I am preparing for visa application. I plan to several countries but my main destination is France so the visa need to be issued by France.

    One of the documents that I need is hotel confirmation booking. Should I provide hotel confirmation booking in every country that I plan to visit or just France? How if I want to stay in Hotel while I am in France and with my friend while I am in Netherland, should I also provide proof of accomodation in Netherland?

    Thank you
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