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Schengen Visa Question



  • @Alethia no the £1,000 are in my account but there are coming from my father for the trip.

    I'm happy to reduce my trip to 14days. The flight was cheaper raison why i bought it early.

    However, i can change the fly ticket but what about the "attestation d'accueil" from my friend. As i said before, it's possible to apply for 14days although the "attestation d'accueil" is meant for 19days?

    Also, i don't understand how my friend is my sponsor. But i've already asked for his utility bills which i will recieve through my mail address. I hope just copies are okay. The reason i'm asking how my friend is my sponsor is to know how to fill the visa application form especially for Q33 of this
  • Does the "attestation d'accueil" actually say 19 days if so you must change it.

    The money is in your bank account so you are covering the travel costs. If you say your father you must provide a letter from him stating he gave you the money for your holiday and his original bank statements.

    In immigration law the person who maintains and accomodates you is your sponsor,your father cannot be your sponsor as he does not reside in France.
  • @Alethia thank you very much. I will make all the changes and come back to you.

    But while filling the visa application form. Should I say that My trip would be cover by me or by my dad or by my friend?

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    @imbeng I repeat what I put in my last post
    "The money is in your bank account, so you are covering the travel costs. If you say your father you must provide a letter from him stating he gave you the money for your holiday and his original bank statements."
    So the answer to question 33 is either you or your father.
  • @Alethia thanks. For the moment I'm on the right track.
  • @Alethia Hello, please if i book an appointment at the consulate of France in london and i can't up to the appointment due to something else. Would i got a problem booking in another one? or would i have to pay for the first appointment which i didn't turn up before doing anything else?

  • @imbeng you need to cancel the appointment not just fail to turn up.
    French Schengen Visa applications are processed by appointment only at TLS contact centre:
    Exhibition house, Suite 18,
    Addison Bridge Place,
    London W14 8XP
    You need to go to the TLS website and change your appointment date.
  • @Alethia Thanks. Please, how can i change the appointment date? This is because i can't see it on their website.

  • @Imbeng do you have an appointment alrady with TLS if so you should have a TLS account and it is from your account you change the appointments.
  • @Alethia I've got an account and appointment with TLScontact but I can't see any option asking me to change the appointment. However, I send them a message requesting the amendment date of my appointment but, I strongly doubt even if they do receive email nor messages. So have you got a better idea on how to change the appointment? If yes please send me a bref description.

  • This number is on TLS Terms and Conditions 0845 7300 118
    Once your registration has been activated, you have to log into your TLS contact page in order to access the ''MESSAGES'' option which can be found on the upper right hand side of the screen. These are the only ways I know how to contact TLS
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    @Alethia Hello,

    Just to thank you for your help. I've got my visa multiple entries for 2months starting from the 19-12-15. Indeed, you're very helpful on this website and i advice everyone to contact you in advance for a succesful visa application and not after a refusal because you really master this visas issues.

    kind regards,
  • Glad to be of help Steve, have a great trip.
  • Hi Alethia! I just got my Schengen visa issued by the German embassy. However, my travel plans just changed and I need to go to Austria instead and not able to visit Germany at all. I understand the visa allows me entry to all Schengen states but will I have a problem in future schengen visa applications, given that I never went to the state that issued my first one? Thanks so much!
  • Wow, @Alethia, you're impressive. I just joined the forum today, and would like to ask a question re. Single Entry Schengen Visa since this is the first time I got single entry of schengen and not multiples (I won't visit UK this time around). (Note: I have obtained the single entry schengen visa - Etats Schengen - type C). This time I'm travelling to France, Portugal, Spain, Germany and Czech. I think by reading the forum above on the same topic, has confirmed that my 'single entry' is OK since it's for the region and not one country. I do have another questions though:
    1. What if the patrol officer in the border mistakenly thought that 'single entry' means one country and not the whole schengen? Which specific section of law/regulation I can refer him/her to?

    2. What is R/ES VIS means? I never had this remark in my previous multiple schengen visa.

    Thanks a lot, and appreciate ALL your thoughts and responses in this forum.

  • @febrimoein if you have travelled to Europe before you must know there are no borders, where are these border patrols who are going to question you. Your question is ridiculous.
    The Schengen area and cooperation are founded on the Schengen Agreement of 1985. The Schengen area represents a territory where the free movement of persons is guaranteed. The signatory states to the agreement have abolished all internal borders in lieu of a single external border.

    R/ES Vis usually means that you applied for a visa for a Schengen state that had no embassy in your country. For example Czech republic has no Embassy so the visa is issued for example on their behalf by the French
  • Hi @Alethia - thanks for your response. Ridiculous it may seems, you'll be surprised what kind of questions I got -as an Indonesian passport holder -when I'm travelling in what so called 'developed' offense pls.

    I have another question, please. When applying for my visa at French Embassy in Fiji (no other Schengen countries rep here other than France), in their website as well as some brochures at the embassy, states the following: "Besides visas for France and French Territories, the French embassy in Suva, Fiji, is currently competent for the issuance of short term visas only on behalf of the following countries :
    NORWAY: we will no longer process visa for Norway effective from the 19th of April 2015" - what if now I want to go to Oslo and Warsaw (Poland also not in the list...)? It is not my plan at this moment - but I have a few friends there that I might catch up with. Logically, like you said, it's schengen state, so it's supposedly OK. And no limitation in my schengen visa either (it just say 'Etats schengen') But that statement in their website/flyers worried me in case somehow they refused my entry when I fly in to Oslo/Warsaw and said that they did not accept visa issued in Fiji? Please enlight me on this.

    Thanks, Febri
  • Goodness me, you are gloom and doom person. You may be asked questions when you initially enter the Schengen zone but once your in there are no borders for people with legal visas.

    Also I was correct regarding the R/ES VIS as the French embassy issues visas on behalf of other countries.
    Why if you had a valid visa would you be refused entry to a Schengen state because the French embassy no longer issues visa's for Norway. By the way Etats Schengen IS French for Schengen States.

    Frankly I find your posts nonsensical and just based on your own silly notions , not on any fact or law.
  • Hi @Alethia - thanks for spending some times in responding to my silly notion(s). Not appreciate the name calling, but appreciate the responds and posts anyway. Have a good weekend!

    Rgds, Febri
  • @febrimoein there was no name calling.
  • Hi @Alethia! I just got my Schengen visa issued by the German embassy. However, my travel plans just changed and I need to go to Austria instead and not able to visit Germany at all. I understand the visa allows me entry to all Schengen states but will I have a problem in future schengen visa applications, given that I never went to the state that issued my first one? Thanks so much!
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    You are correct, you should be able to enter the Schengen zone through any Schengen member country

    Failure to travel to the country named on the Schengen application is not grounds for refusal under the Schengen rules.
  • Thanks for the reassuring response!
  • @Alethia Hi, sorry to disturb you but just a quick question. I've got a schegen visa still valide with multiple entries. I've been into France a few weeks ago but i still want to visit one of the schegen member before my visa expiration.

    Here is my question!!! Do i still need an "attestation d’accueil" from the hosting person in the member state. or i simply need an hotel reservation to present to the immigration officer as a justification of accommodation.

    kind regards,
  • @imbeng I would have either the "attestation d’accueil or a hotel reservation with you just in case the immigration officer at the border asks where you are staying.
  • @Alethia Thanks for your answer.

    But the problem is that the "attestation d'accueil" i've got at the moment is expired as it was issue for a specific period of time. Do you think i should just book a hotel room or i should simply travel with my expire "attestation d'accueil" or both to justify my address?

    kind regards,
  • @IMBENG book a hotel room there is no point ttravelling with an expired "attestation d'accueil"
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    Hi @alethia am Kenya my boyfriend is a British he has a company in Kenya that I run it and am signatory in company bank account 2015 Dec he offered to take me to a trip in austria I applied for visa and since he was paying I took company bank account syatement for 3 months as their requirements and together with my personal bank account ,I have a boutique on my own I took also rent slip for one year and deposit of payment I did first day I owe the shop to prove to them besides boyfriend business we have have also my own business ,we were going skying for 5 days I booked flight ,hotel and travel insurance and presented have never gone to Europe before but was going for skying holiday but they denied me visa and they want me to appeal ,kindly help how to go about it .

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    Hi @alethia kindly help am appealing tomorrow I don't know what to write or reply to enbassy my trip was 27th to 4th jan my insurance was upto 10th jan but i had not paid for hotel and flight either i did a reservation first incase they dont give me visa ,
    i would like to visit still but the dates i had applied for are 27th to 4th jan 2016 are over and i had for 4 weeks to appeal starting 30th dec 2015. kindly help

  • @monic
    Please state the exact reason for your visa deny.
    Please note,appeal is no t adviceanle
  • @larryblank the reason stated I quote ; the information given and conditions for your intended stay in the destination- country is not convincing
  • And the appeal must give reasons given for the denial I should attach documents required by the embassy I already gave them all documents I find it unless are to attach other document while they have my file , should I appeal ? What's the best way forward the won't affect my travelling to Europe in future
  • @monic I repeatedly tell people on this forum not to make Schengen appeals as it is a waste of time.
    if you intend to appeal then just write a letter detailing your issues and attach the documents.

    Please note that if your good enough to run your British boyfriends company your good enough to marry and as the wife of an EU national you cannot be refused a Schengen visa.
  • @alethia what am I suppose to write to them first they didn't accept company account they wanted mine I gave them and now they said information provided is not convincing should I go with my boyfriend to embassy and make a complain why they are refusing coz he's currently in the country
  • @monic I have expalined repeatedly that it is a waste of time to appeal. Go with your boyfriend to the embassy and let him complain.
  • @monic
    while not ask the real cause of your deny than insisting on appeal without knowing the real cause of your deny.
    will advice you to forget appeal and try to know the real cause of deny.

    you do not need to summit your company account since the trip was not a business trip.
    you said your British boy friend will be sponsoring your trip and you do not proof evidence of his employment/owner of the company you work for and also is personal statement of account to proof there is enough funds to cover the trip .

    in brief, the Documents required have not been provided in compliance with the list of the documents according to the travel purpose;
  • @alethia(the special one ) hope i am right.
    please through more light on this
  • @larry your getting good! and you are correct.
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    Can someone please help me out? @Alethia @larryblank
    i am a Cameroonian and i applied for a student visa to Portugal on the 17th of December and i got a reply on the 21st of January that my application was not granted.

    No Reason was given to me why my application was turned down.
    I gave the embassy all what was needed to apply for a student visa.
    i still have funds in my account. I am 27 years old. All my documents are authentic

    I had to live from Cameroon to Abuja-Nigeria to apply for the visa as we do not have a Portuguese embassy in my country.
    I am thinking of going back to Nigeria to appeal for the refusal.

    I really don't know why they Turned down my application
    can you please help me out on this?

    Thanks so much
  • @jesse2008 there must be a reason given on the refusal no matter how obscure, how can you appeal if no reason was given?
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