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CROATIA-Best route from Rijeka to Dubrovnik? Land or Sea?

Hello there, I am a woman and I will be traveling to Croatia by car this June. How do I make reservations on the ferries which take cars? Is it better to do this or drive to Dubrovnik? Everyone talks about the islands, but there are so many. Which one island should not be missed, and why? Also please advise on Guest Houses and Restaurants with character and in super locations.


  • Good day from Bucharest. I am happy to answer to your questions. First of all, I can tell you that Romania is a safe destination. It is one of our country's "+"es. But I do not recommend you to walk alone in the outskirts of the cities or very late at night (though all my life I've done both of this things and never had problems, yet I do not recommend for foreigners). Also, many Romanian speak English, especially the young people, so you can always ask if you are not sure of something. Money: it is best you change only at the banks. Keep a reserve of money for the days when you go to countryside and cannot find a bank. Otherwise, all cities, including the small ones, have banks. Also, all tourist resorts. Things to see: I could send you a few sample itineraries, if you want. What you should not miss in terms of small towns and best cultural experiences: Sighisoara (the most beautiful mediaval citadel in Europe, where you can also find craftsmen), Bucharest' old city, Peles Castle in Sinaia, old town in Brasov, a few of the German fortified churches (Harman and Prejmer near Brasov, Viscri on the way to Sighisoara, Biertan after Sighisoara), Sibiu city with Brukenthal Museum and also the villages around Sibiu (for arts and crafts: Sibiel is a good choice, there you can also find a Glass Icons Museum), also if you have time (and in 12 days you have) Maramures is a place where you can enjoy arts and crafts (wood sculpture, special Maramures hats making, see how the locals wash clothes like hundreads of years ago with a whirlpool mill etc., meet very welcoming people, eat great food, see wooden churches and great scenery), then there is always Bucovina with its warm people, painted Monasteries, egg painting art, wooden art museum in Cimpulung etc. You could also stop in Praid for Hungarian crafts and to see the salt mine, in Sambata de Sus to see the stud farm, in Azuga to see how they make the sparkling wine using champenoise method and to eat really tasty dishes (plus the wine). As local restaurants, it depends on the itinerary, of course. I could recommend, for ex: Caru cu Bere and Rossetya in Bucharest, Popasul Reginei in Bran, Sighisoara in Sighisoara, Crama Ileana in Sibiu etc. I would also recommend you to stay at hotel Rembrandt in Bucharest, at hotel Sighisoara in Sighisoara (a hotel in a medieaeval building, just great), at Imparatul Romanilor in Sibiu, at Marmatia in Sighetu Marmatiei, at Best Western Bucovina Club de Munte in Gura Humorului, at Casa Wagner in Brasov etc. I would also recommend you take a couple of days to see the amazing Danube Delta, the youngest land in Europe. Once you decide for an itinerary, I can add other recommendations. Again, if you need my assistance for the itinerary or bookings, I am at your disposal. With respect for each and every traveller, Ana Irimia
  • Hello again. Sorry for posting - by mistake - the reply for Romania also on the Croatia page.
    For Croatia you could acces our partner' page:
    I particularly liked the North part of Croatia, a little Italy; Dubrovnik and the islands are worth seeing; the water has wonderful colors. An additional suggestion would be Slovenia, a small, wonderful country. Best wishes, Ana Irimia
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    Hi Crissy,

    It depends on where you are driving from and entering Croatia. If you come in through the North and have the time, I would just stick with the coastline all the way down. You can get from Istria (Northern Croatia) to Split (Middle of the coast) faster by the main highway, however it's much more scenic and worthwhile to take the coastal road stopping in places like Zadar and Pag. As for Islands, I would make your way to Split, then take the ferry over to Island Hvar and stay there for a couple days. Then drive the entire length of Hvar South and take the ferry to Drvenik. It's a very interesting drive! The ferry is about 30 minutes, then you can just drive south for another 2 hour to Dubrovnik, going through places like Neretva valley and a 5km stretch of Bosnia called Neum. Once in Dubrovnik park your car and travel to the Old town and nearby island by passenger ferry. The Croatian national ferry service is Jadrolinija and you can check timings on their website (

    Hope this helps! If you want more information or would like to book services please visit our website.

    Kind regards.
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    Hi Crissy,
    I ll do this in short way, so let start.
    1. reservations on the ferries: U can buy ferrie ticket on the day u travel, not before, so you can`t make reservations before.
    2. Islands: Like gcoffice said, it depends where u entering croatia. I would recomend part of Croatia that is called Dalmatia. It is middle part of Croatian coast. Biggest town there is Split which has good ferry connections to surrounding islands. Some of most popular islands are Hvar, Vis, Korcula, Mljet, Brac, Solta. If u want to party i would recomned island Hvar (town Hvar), and island Korcula (town Korcula), for quiet vacation i would recomend island Vis (town Vis or Komiza), and island Mljet. Nature is beautiful and similar on all islands, but special one is Mljet, on which you have big national park, with 2 lakes. Also, my advice to you is that you ask some of local people when u get there what to visit. People in Croatia are very nice to tourist, so you could use that. Hope i helpd you with this. Good luck, and have nice hollydays.
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    Hi again,
    I forgot your part of question regarding restaurants and guest houses. There are lot of very good places that you can stay and eat in Croatia so i think that it would be best to check my web site in which i described some of them. For now i would recomend you that you visit restaurant Meneghello on little island called Palmizana close to island Hvar (you can get there with little boat from town Hvar), and restaurant Villa Kaliopa in island Vis (town Vis).
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    How many car hours from Rijeka to Split:
    a) along the coast road
    b) along the exptessway

    Any overnight pensions suggestions at least 3/4 of way to split.

    Thank you.....2 senior Canadians.
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