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Iceland anyone?

I plan to travel Iceland so I took the time to read about it. So far, this is what I found out: Iceland is a land of boiling mud pools, breathtaking landscape, spurting geysers, glaciers, waterfalls. It is an adventure playground. It is also unpolluted and has genuinely marvelous scenery. Iceland provides a variety of options to experience no matter of when to visit the country. Anyone here have more ideas on what I should expect when travelling to Iceland?


  • Hi Sarasteini

    I am glad that you are planning to visit Iceland. It is a unique country and has a lot to offer in particular to the nature lover, food admirer For a good overview of what to expect and to do I advise you to take a look at the following website for comprehensive information:

    Regards Martha
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    What sport and outdoor activities are available for tourists visiting Iceland? and what time is the best to travel there?
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    There is excellent salmon fishing in Iceland, and good walking. The island is incredibly green and lush in the summer and very beautiful. Salmon fishing is world-class but expensive.
    Visit for destination advice
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    Go in the winter time and see the northern lights. Check out this site if you want to do that: northern lights
  • I have been in Iceland and I recommend you to check a blog with very good articles,
    it is call Iceland24,

  • Iceland is definitely somewhere I would love to visit. For those lucky enough to be doing so check out this short travel guide to the country, which is particularly good for attractions and excursions from Reykjavik. Those seeking out the northern lights should bear in mind that they are best seen in autumn and winter in Iceland, whereas summer (June to September) remains the best time to travel there.
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