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Passport and visa problems for travelling and returning

edited April 2012 in - Australia

I'm study in Australia.
My student visa expires on 30 August 2012 and I'm holding a Malaysian passport which expiry date is on 5 Dec 2012.

My first question is, can I travel to Sydney from Melbourne and back to Melbourne (around 21/8/2012 until 24/8/2012) with holding this passport?

My second question is, Do I need to apply for extending my visa or change my flight date? (Because I already bought an air ticket from Melbourne back to Singapore on 31 August 2012). Or can I just leave Australia on 31 of August without any changing?

My last question is, can I enter Singapore with holding this passport as i'd mentioned above? By the way, I will no staying in Singapore, I will return from Singapore to Malaysia on the same day as well

Please help me to answer these. Hope to get your reply soon.



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    I suspect you will be fine going back to Malaysia as you will not leave the airport. I am not sure about internal flights within Australia.
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