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Couples sharing a room in Tunisia

edited April 2012 in - Tunisia
Hi there,

I'm in some need of advice. My boyfriend lives in Tozeur and I've arrange to visit him (i'm English and he is Tunisian) however when I've inquired to some hotels we've been told we can't share a room together. Do you know which hotels in Tozeur will let us share a room? I'm going in June from 11th to 24th.

Thanks in advance for your help!



  • hi im in need of some advice

     i have a tunisian boyfriend but i am english, i am wanting to travel back out there in september to monastir skanes ..and was wondering if anybody can tell me which hotels will allow us to share a room as havnt had much luck with this up to now ,i have been offered apartment but would want the hotel for pool and all inclusive offer ect..hope somebody can help many thanks ...


  • Tunisian hotels DO NOT allow unmarried Tunisian men to stay with their girlfriends, Your only option is an apartment. Lots of hotels allow you to use their pool on a daily basis. Your boyfriend should be totally aware of this.
  • Vicky,

    Many travelling couple find it more convenient to pretend to be married while in Tunisia. Perhaps a fake wedding ring can help you find accommodation?
  • Anya K they are not travelling together. Do you think Tunisian hoteliers are stupid.? You are required to give a Tunisian hotel.
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