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visa on arrival in Tunisia

hi i want to travel to tunisa, i hold a nz passport can i get a visa on arrival if so where and how much does it cost ...??
as there is no emmabssy in new zealand for tunisia your expert help would be much appreciated.

kind reguards suzy.


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    I'm planning to visit Tunisia in November, But I don't know many hotel over there?
  • Hi getvisnow.....
    Are you travelling from new zealand?? if so how and where did u obtain your visa? if you can give me any infomatation on this topic
    that would be great.

    thanx suzy.
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    Please note that NZ nationals must apply for the Tunisian visa before arrival, you cannot get it on entry. You must apply to the embassy in Japan
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    I am indian passport holder taking a cruise that shall touch La Goulette, Tunis for one day. I shall be holding Schengen and UK visas.. Whether i need to have Tunis Visa also. is it available on arrival. will I still need it, if I do not get off the ship.
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