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Best months to travel in Russia?

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I want to travel through the main cities in Russia and I'm wondering when the best months are to visit the country? I want to stick to the usual cities, so Moscow, St Petersburg, maybe one or two others in the west of the country. I know it gets cold there, but I would like to see some snow - when would be best to go when it's not too cold, but still snowy? Early winter or spring?


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    Don't trying to fool the weather and travel to Russia in inter-seasons. You might be in for a big surprise. Of course your will travel to Russia for different reasons than Napoleon, but you should know that snowing starts in October and ends in April! Or you could just ask your travel agent who is helping you to organize your travel to Russia to ensure that you spend as little time as possible in the snow. I also want to give you one suggestion that you should stay there In an Boutique hotel like
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    According to me you should go in the spring season, because this time there is a snowy weather and not to much cold. You can enjoy your trip very much. If you stay in a Manor House then you will definitely enjoy a lot because manor houses are mostally at a hill.
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    Spring is the best season to go there.
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    I think to travel in Russia there is no need to wait for right month or right time.
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    The best time is in summer, you don't need to wear a lot of clothes and the weather is better!!
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