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Slovakia to Bulgaria - how to get there (other than flying)??

edited April 2009 in - Eastern Europe
hi there!

does anyone know of a way to get from Bratislava in Slovakia to either Sofia or Verna in Bulgaria other than flying? I'm looking for the cheapest (but safe) way in getting there during early May.

Would love some advice if anyone can help?

Thanks in advance! :)


  • Hello from Bucharest. I would recommend you a train, you can check itineraries and rates at (in Sofia please choose Sofia Sever station) or
    It is a safe mean of transportation and not the most expensive (if you don't take sleeping wagon supplements etc.). I hope an agent from Slovakia will help more :) If you decide to come to Romania I cann assist you further :) Have a nice trip, Ana
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    I am looking for an inexpensive crossing between Bulgaria abd Ukraine (not cruise or 'tour boat') prefer Varna to Odessa. Intend travelling in August. Anyone have ideas?
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