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usa to india - best time to go to india

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I live in the US and thinking of travelling to visit India.I would greatly appreciate if the people on this forum can explain to me about India,preferably,DELHI,MUMBAI,BANGALORE or any big town there.I would also like to know of affordable accomodations in safe neighbourhoods for i think i might be there for like 1or 2weeks.I have never been outside the US before but i wanna learn a different culture.I wanna know how people over there live and maybe learn a thing or two that i dont know.I will also look up business opportunities when im there so if i can get some advice from people in import and export that would really help.I find that people like it when you to explain exactly what you,re looking for.If you wanna ask me about America,go ahead and i will explain it to you.Thank you.


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    If you want to visit India, it really depends on which month you are thinking of. Currently in July its Monsoon and not a very good time to visit, though you'll get super cheap rates. If you want to experience the Culture - try september. It is festival season, definitely culture shock and not exactly a tourist season.
    Specify the time you want to visit, or what exactly you are looking for and you'll find it easier
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    What about golden triangle packages, that will be much more interesting. You find everything under one trip like cultural, devotional and entertaining places.
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    Hi Sosdun,
    India is a good choice if you want to experience a different culture from your own. You seem to have a lot of objectives though, perhaps a look through our India travel guide will help you work out what you're interested in.
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    November through the end o January ought to be a fantastic time for most of India. However, If you plan to go way north, it is very cold. I cam back from a trip to Darjeeling and Sikkim in early December and it took me a while to thaw out. Keep in mind that most places in India have on heat. You won't ever get any warmer by coming indoors. My breath was just as visible sitting on my bed in the hotel rooms that it was outside--which is quite miserable when you have to take a shower!
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    October, November, February and March are best months for India because the weather is best in those months neither more rain nor cold and no hot.
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    Nov through the end o Jan ought to be a amazing here we are at most of Indian. However, If you strategy to go way northern, it is freezing. I cam returning from a journey to Darjeeling and Sikkim in beginning Dec and it took me a while to unfreeze out. Keep in thoughts that most locations in Indian have on warm. You won't ever get any hotter by arriving in the house. My breathing was just as noticeable seated on my bed in the hotels that it was outside--which is quite unpleasant when you have to take a shower!
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    hie sosdun....

    If you want to make your tour memorable one then visit it between October to march as temperatures in northern India are pleasant and the country celebrates many colourful festivals like Dussehra, diwali, Holi, camel fair in Rajsthan and many others
  • Dec to Feb are pleasant months in India. But there is a lot of fog in Northern India. Travelling by road from Delhi to Agra or Agra to Jaipur in the fog can be quite impossible on some days. Travel by train and air where possible. But South India should be just fine. It rains June to Sept.
  • Monsoons arrive in late June and cool down the Indian sub-continent. The monsoon period usually runs through to August. However, the south-eastern region receives most of its rainfall between mid-October and late December while other areas of India such as Ladakh, the highest desert in the world, and the neighbouring Himachal Pradesh remain dry which opens up trekking opportunities for visitors.
  • I think if you  visit India between October to February that would be best. In this time period weather of India is really good. You will enjoy your tour so much.
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    According to me you could visit India in next month to enjoy Rainy season. Also I like to suggest resorts in nainital, Uttarakhand. You would be get very nice experience when you are going to visit any resort in Nanital Surrounding the mountain.
    Try this
  • For north Summer means at the time of May and June is good but for south Oct and Nov means after monsoon is best.  
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