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Texas historical sights and weather

edited May 2012 in - USA
My grandfather is a bit of a history buff and recently he's been reading a lot about Texas and watching shows about Texas' history, and so on. It's his 80th birthday this year, so we were all talking about what to give him for his birthday and thought that maybe a trip to Texas for him and my grandmother would be nice. They're older but still pretty fit and active, so traveling is totally fine, but I'm not sure about weather - they're used to pretty mild, not hot or too cold weather, so when would be good to go? and also, is San Antonio a good idea, and pretty close to the Alamo? I'm pretty sure he'd want to visit the Alamo. What other places might be better though, as far as historical interest goes? I'll ask him if I have to but would like to keep it a surprise.
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