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Morocco 3 days Marrakech Tours Desert Excursion

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We are traveling to Marrakech next few weeks , and we are interested in a 3 or 4 days desert trip departue from Marrakech to merzouga desert.
we seached on google and we find this itinerary with a moroccan company " "

Day 1: Marrakech - dades valley

Day 2: Dades valley - Merzouga desert

Day 3: Merzouga - Marrakech

My quiestions are :

How cold is the atlas mountains in February ?

3 days is enough to descouver the sahara desert and the berber villages ?

The last day (Marrakech - Merzouga) for how many kms we have to drive ??

Thank you for your help



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    Rather than pre-book via the internet and pay higher rates, I suggest you wait until you actually arrive.
    Ask in your riad or check the hotel lobby, depending on where ou are staying. Riads will suggest guides with drivers and hotels offer various trip options which are displayed in the lobby area.
    If you are thinking of desert proper then you will need more time as it takes a day to get there and another to get back.
    Also, I am confused that you say you are going in the next few weeks but it is now May and you are asking what the weather will be in February, please clarify.
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    It is ok to look at the net but for me having it personal is better.
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    I don't comprehend the last post
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    My wife and I toured Morocco for our honeymoon with Hassan( The itinerary was tailored to our schedule without any questions. It was such an easy and pleasant experience to deal with these guys over email. Our tour began in Fes, and the tour guide arranged for us was an older follow named Naj (sp?) and our driver was Brahim. It was a great tour -- both guys were friendly, informative, and accommodative. Next, Brahim drove us to Merzouga for the desert tour. We had a few stops along the way, but once we got to the desert, we were greeted by Hassan and left for the campsite on our camels in time to see the sunset over Erg Chebbi. Truly, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.Our time in the desert was amazing! First, Hassan had a snow board that we took to surf the sand dunes. Then, Hassan prepared for us a very nice candle-lit dinner in the tents, and afterwards we relaxed and listened to him and his friends, Said and Mustafa, play Berber music. We slept in our tents, and woke up for our camel ride back while the sun was rising over the desert.
    We met Brahim for our trip to Marrakech and stayed at Riad Marana. We had a nice stay in Marrakech and the following day Brahim drove us to Casablanca for our departure.

    These guys made our trip a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend using this tour group. Again, they made it easy, tailored, and a lot of fun!
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    Hello !

    3 days are enough to visit the desert

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    Three days may indeed be sufficient for a visit to the desert but please bear in mind that it will take you most of a day to get there from Marrakech and another day to return.
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