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Anyone been to Bratislava

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Hi, I am thinking about going to Bratislava, in Slovakia, for a few days - Ryan Air are offering very cheap tickets. Is it worth going. What is there to see and do, is the nightlife good, restaurants ok. etc. Anyone been there recently who can advise? Thanks, J


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    I was there 2 summers ago and really loved it. there is alot to see with the numours castles ( 5 total in the bratislava area). there is al so alot of cool history that they dont teach you in school. there are also zoos museums and batanical gardens. if Night life is your thing there are some fantastic bars and techno dance clubs. the sene is very post comunist sort of very clasicaly easern euro. its a much rougher city than prauge, Vienna, or Budah pest around the edges but really a neat place and off the beaten path. if you stay in the turist old town area it is also really safe.
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