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Anyone been to Bratislava, Slovakia?

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Hi, I am thinking about going to Bratislava, in Slovakia, for a few days - Ryan Air are offering very cheap tickets. Is it worth going. What is there to see and do, is the nightlife good, restaurants ok. etc. Anyone been there recently who can advise? Thanks, J


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    I was there 2 summers ago and really loved it. there is alot to see with the numours castles ( 5 total in the bratislava area). there is al so alot of cool history that they dont teach you in school. there are also zoos museums and batanical gardens. if Night life is your thing there are some fantastic bars and techno dance clubs. the sene is very post comunist sort of very clasicaly easern euro. its a much rougher city than prauge, Vienna, or Budah pest around the edges but really a neat place and off the beaten path. if you stay in the turist old town area it is also really safe.
  • Hi there. I was hoping someone could give me some advice.

    How many days would be enough for a visit to Bratislava, is one day enough? Time will be limited for me and I'm only passing through Slovakia for a few days on a European trip and I'm just not sure it's worth staying for too long... I suppose what I'm really getting at is, what areas of Slovakia are a must-see? I'm hoping to be in the region around October, early November, is this an amiable time to go? Thanks
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    Bratislava old town is very pretty with baroque palaces the narrowest house in Europe and palaces two or three days would be sufficient as outside the old town Bratislava is an industrialised city. Bratislava for me does not have the chic of Prague but it is still worth a visit
    In October and November the weather is starting to become cold and it can rain. Have a look here
  • Thank you so much @Alethia. I appreciate your timely response. From what you've said, I think I will make the time to see the old town, it sounds intriguing. I'm fortunate enough that I think I will be making a stop over in Prague too, so I'll have the chance to compare the two! But perhaps I should rethink the time of year!!
    Thank you again.
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    @King6711 I must agree with Alethia here and say that the historic Bratislava old town really is something special. It is home to many of the city's top attractions; old streets, squares and buildings which certainly take visitors back in time. Attractions to make note of include the Old Town Hall, St Martin's Cathedral and Main Square. I think two days should be enough to take it all in. The city of Bratislava is also the centre for arts and culture in Slovakia, and is where you will find its top museums, art galleries and palaces.

    Some believe that the charm of Slovakia (and what really draws in visitors) is in its nature not its cities. The Slovak Paradise National Park, Lomnický peak, Dobšinská Ice Cave and Demänovská Ice Cave, among other interesting sites are considered to be 'must-see' attractions and have outdoors enthusiasts very much in their element. So if you're after something in the fresh air and can afford a little more time, these places are worth the trip. The High Tatras are also a worthwhile visit.

    Europe around October is not always very pleasant and tends to be quite wet and dark. The days are also very short with the clock change at the end of October (Daylight Savings Time). Perhaps another time of year will be a better option for you.

    Best of luck.
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    Why not check out the Bratislava travel guide here at You'll find an in depth and detailed guide about the city and greater Slovakia too.
  • @LucyH Thank you so much! You have given me some great options and insight. Back to the drawing board I think... I am now considering giving Slovakia a lot more time. There are some fascinating attractions and outdoors sights I would love to see, and perhaps a trip in summer will make it all more worthwhile.
    Thanks again.
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