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Switzerland visitor visa

I am an international student in Canada with a valid student visa. I planned to make a visit to Switzerland for a week to visit my sister residing there on my way to my home country . My question is about the proof of financial resources.

As I am a student CAD 30 is needed per day and I am going to stay in Switzerland for 7 days. So I have to show a balance of CAD 30*7 = CAD 210.

Do I have this amount in my bank statement for the
whole 3 months
balance at end of each bank statement having CAD 210 (e.g., Feb balance CAD 300, Mar balance CAD 400, Apr balance CAD 350), is enough?

Thanks in advance,


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    If CAD 210 is just needed then as of what i have seen it is quite enough you just have to budget it wiser.
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    i checked with them.. The amount should be there for the whole three months
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