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kenya shillings = tanzania shillings

edited May 2012 in - East Africa
can kenya shillings be used in tanzania? are the shillings the same?


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    Hi there,

    The currencies are different, and you'll need to exchange them. This can be done fairly easily in cities; however, in my experience there are usually men clutching fistfuls of cash standing around at border willing to do an unofficial exchange. There's no telling what the rate will be, but it can be useful to have some local currency straight away while you look for a bank in town.
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    You have to change the currency for comfortable buying in the place.
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    The value of the Kenya shilling is much higher than that of Tanzania. It is advisable to excahnge in forex beaureus in town before leaving the country so that you have enough to use in Tanzania and for Kenya as well when you come back. I realised that most of the unofficial exchangers rip people of,but they are quite helpful if you are far from the bank or forex beaureau,or if they are closed.
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