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Tango in Argentina

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Hi everyone!
I started taking tango lessons a few years ago and now I'm obsessed. I really want to go to the tango festival in Buenos Aires in August and watch the competition. I've looked at airfares, and they're quite steep so I would be on quite a budget once there. Are there a wide variety of budget places to stay in Buenos Aires? And what is the general cost of food like - I wouldn't want anything fancy, but is there much of a basic cafe/street food culture? I'm also a vegetarian, and I know Argentina is famous for its beef; would I struggle finding things to eat?
And also, obviously I'll be in Buenos Aires for the tango festival, but what else is there that's an absolute must-see/must-do there? Again, nothing too expensive, which I suppose also means nothing too far away!


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    Try searching sites that fit your needs. Like sites that will tell you about the staying place at argentina. Try it. Enjoy your dance.
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    Hi Naomi,

    That sounds like a fantastic trip... I'm keen to go myself one day! There is so much to see and do in Argentina, and especially Buenos Aires, check out this BA travel guide for an idea of what you can see and do there.

    For vegetarian restaurants in Buenos Aires, I'd recommend Arte Sano, Artemisia, or La Esquina de la Flores!
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    Thanks so much, the guide seems helpful so far! I will look those restaurants up and plan to try some out, thank you!
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    If you want to "taste the tango," just remember that the tango shows as well as the street performances are very theatrical and not the authentic dance of the locals. For that, you need to go to a milonga. My Argentine partner and I give private classes and also take people to milongas, if you are interested. For more information you can read student reviews here:
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