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Is it worthwhile taking a day-trip into Andorra?

edited May 2012 in Europe
I'm off to a wedding in Spain soon, close to the border of Andorra. I'm only there for a few days and don't have too much time because of all the planned wedding events, but I might have an afternoon free; is it a good idea to travel into Andorra for an afternoon, possibly the evening too? What is there to see and do there aside from skiing? Skiing is really all I know about regarding Andorra. Are there any amazing restaurants I could maybe have lunch at, ones with good views of the mountains, maybe?


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    Do you any brochure about Andorra?? You might want to purchase one to locate any good spots as well as restaurants with good views. Anyways, best wishes for the newly weds.
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    When are you going? It's heading into summer, which might not be the best time to try to go skiing in Andorra. Check out this Andorra travel guide for an idea of attractions and activities there. If you're keen on some duty-free shopping though... it might be a good idea to take a trip there!
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