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Cheapest way to get from UK to US

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I'm trying to find the cheapest way possible to get from the UK, (prefer any london airport, airport code 'LON') to the US, i need to end up in Dayton, Ohio (airport code is 'DAY'). Flights are so expensive (approx £700) and cash is my main issue, so wondered if any expert here may be able to assist me with some advise. I have no problem with any means of travel but didn't know what the cheapest option is.

Someone advised me that it may be cheaper to fly to a different airport then travel by road to Ohio.

Thanks for any advise.


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    There are many travel sites like Dear flight,Cheap flight,travel up provides cheap airfare deals  from UK.
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    Flying to Las Vegas is totally impractical to get to Dayton. You might find cheaper fares to major airports nearby, including Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Indianapolis, or even Louisville. You can try sites like for price comparisons.
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    Good luck
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    You can also check out at Good site when it comes to traveling tips.
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    Oh and I recommend Flight Fox too :)
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    If you are not interested to go for flight................Take your car and go for a long drive ................

    Just kidding............Use cheep deals flight in
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