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Gulet cruises in Turkey

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Hi, I am researching Gulet cruises in Turkey. Has anyone been on a gulet holiday in Turkey who can give advice. I have found some operators online, I am sure they are all fine but I wouldnt mind booking one which is recommended. We want to charter a gulet for a week in September, when I think the weather should still be good. Sounds like a great way to holiday in Turkey, but we're keen to get some first hand advice! Thanks. S.


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    We went on a Gulet crise in Turkey - from Fetyie - a few years back . Just for two days, but I have always wanted to go for a full week. I think it would be a lovely way to explore the gorgeous Turkish coastline which is dotted with interesting ports and secluded bays. Gulets are quite big with a large shady deck to while away the days and the rooms are fairly spacious although simple. I think alot depends on the quality of the crew as you have to live amongst them. Hopefully youll get a crew that speaks English and a cook who can cook! Try this lot:
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    WGA Group - World Gulet Association offers huge selection of all types of gulet boats in Turkey. I suggest you check their website for details.
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    Last October we chartered a really nice gulet and everything was spot on. We thought weather would not be so good being mid autumn but it was just right. The company we used was and the service has been fantastic from start to finish.
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    Hello.There are lots of Gulet Charter companies in Turkey based on Bodrum,G
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    Twice we have been on a Gulet this year: In June with 10 friends with SCIC. AWe were impressed with the organisation. Capable and friendly crew, very nice, comfortable and clean ship and excellent food. And,we sailed every day! As it was an all-in concept, it was very good value for money and we would certainly do this again.
    The next trip was in October with 20 friends. As SCIC does not have ships this big we chartered the Caferoglu 7. Although the price p.p. was higher, the standard of the ship was not. The ship looked scruffy, i.e. not very well painted and the decks were not that clean. The bathrooms were mouldy and the "outdoor shower" was a pathetic little trickle of water, which could have been fixed easily. The crew was very friendly but could have done some more maintenance and cleaning instead of playing cards. Our biggest issue however was that the ship cannot sail! The website suggests with photos that it can but the ship is too heavy and does not even have winches on deck. On the plus side: we had a ship with 11 cabins and the food was very good.
  • edited 8:54PM has a very good gulet tour called the Greek Islands. They go to small Greek Islands where no one goes to.
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    @guesttravista - what islands are those? I would have thought all greek and turkish islands had been 'discovered" by tourists already..
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    We have been on more than half a dozen gulet holidays and counting. The whole experience is absolutely fantastic and nothing else compares to it. But now gulet charters becoming more and more popular you really need to be careful who you are going with. There are some agencies over promise and under deliver. Last year we went with a premium agency exclusive gulets. We May be paid a little bit more than the average but it was money well worth spending. The boat was absolutely stunning and so as the crew on-board. They all could speak English and wore very clean uniforms. (A few years back we had a night mare with a captain who got drunk every night and crew smoking all over the place be sure to book with an agency so you have got someone to go back to if anything goes wrong).
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    We have been many times turkey for gulet cruise and last afew years we took gulet from same agent.they are so profecional and helpfull.if anyone needs their asist than visit for all info and gulets photos.
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    there is many gulet charter company in turkey. I just research from google and found this company from marmaris.. Elle Yachting website: have good customer testimonials..
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    Yes I am also looking good from Marmaris Turkey. Because one of my friends been in gulet holidays last year and they really love it ! Tim and Alex recommend to us for next holiday trip. So anyone know which company has best services actually speak english ! We meet with company last week from google search and they were really nice to us :) and they said that " we have direct contacts with gulet owners so you can have good price from us " this is good... Oh yes this company is YNG Yachting from Marmaris Turkey
  • Hi i am a tour guide in turkey.
    There is a company that i used to work for. they r very good at orginising gullet tours.
    You should have a look.
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    Hi ,
    I recommend . I have hired Cobra Yacht's Gulet Cobra 3 for my family and me. We had an excellent charter vacation on Turkish and Greek waters on board of Cobra 3. Captain and crew have assisted us very professionally. And cook was very succesfull. They have 3 more very good yachts.
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